January 13

The Power of Grounding & Opening your Root Chakra

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Muladhara Chakra
How grounding can help us navigate through the chaos of our day.

Life in our physical environment is full of uncertainty, especially in this age of the pandemic.  Many of us feel lost, out of sorts, unsure what to believe, and who to trust.  Fortunately you have the power within you to take responsibility of your thoughts and focus on what you can control.  The power of belief can limit everything you do or it can fuel your desire and empower you to go all in and take massive action.

Your belief in who you are and what you can create starts with your awareness and tuning into your internal compass; aka your intuition.

This is your inner voice guiding you in making decisions and taking action from the highest version of yourself. All of this is already within you and if you working from this space, then you know how magical and challenging it is. This is where the power of grounding and keeping your root chakra open and spinning can help you become more present and aware of where you want to focus your attention on.

As an Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner, I have seen many clients with one thing in common – blocked energy in their root chakras.

The root chakra, also known in Sanskrit as the Muladhara, is located at the base of your spine. It’s your foundation, the root of who you are, your connection to the deep seat of the earth, your sense of safety, belonging, security, and your physical needs (food, shelter, and water).

What does it mean when your chakra(s) are blocked? When chakras are in balance, energy is free to move throughout the chakras and the body. When energy is flowing, there’s a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Blocked chakras may manifest physically in the body resulting in illness, fatigue, and distress.

A few signs of a blocked root chakra (and not limited to):

  • Physical pain in your back, knees and feet
  • Feeling stuck and sluggish
  • Stress due to over-reliance on external circumstances
  • Persistent financial problems
  • Disconnection with your family
  • Constantly getting by or going without
  • Mistrust in others
  • Not feeling safe and secure
  • Disbelief in the ability to stand on your own two feet
  • Anxiety

One way to open your root chakra by grounding yourself.

How do you do that exactly?

Grounding is your connection to the calming energy of earth. It’s where you feel a sense of peace and harmony in the body and in the mind. It’s a practice of energetically connecting to yourself, your values, and your vision.

When you are grounded, it allows you to be in the present moment.

You have the ability to access the present moment by quieting the mind & letting go of the thoughts that generate the worry about the past and the future.  Worry, fear, and anxiety disconnect you from the present and your inner being.  There’s nothing to do in the present moment other than to ‘just be’.  I like to call it coming home – home is the space where I can just be.  Nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to worry about.  From this place, you can plant the seeds of intention of what you want to create.  This calm and nourishing environment will promote personal and spiritual growth in a way that is in alignment with your vision of your highest self. It’s a powerful place to access your intuition and the root of who you are.  The connection to mother earth and centering yourself in your physical body in time and space. We can quiet the chaos in our minds

There are plenty of other modalities to help relax, center, and ground yourself.

Yoga is a beautiful practice of centering the mind and body.  Easy poses such as tree, bridge and goddess are wonderful ways in connecting with the earth.

Meditation and finding your breath will help you ground your energy and tap into your intuition.

Sitting outside next to a tree or spending time outdoors (it may be a little cold sitting at the base of a tree right now) breathing in fresh air and quieting the chaos in your mind can help you ground.

Essential oils are my go-to for many reasons and use them in my energy healing practice.  When I am feeling disconnected and out of sorts, I dab a little frankincense, cinnamon and/or patchouli on my wrists and temples and take a few deep belly breaths.

Whatever you are called to do, listen and just do it without overthinking and analyzing.  Remember – you have all of the answers within you already.  Stop for a moment and listen to yourself like you would listen to your mentor, best friend, or trusted colleague.

Acknowledging you are safe & supported and repeating affirmations will calm the mind and the nervous system.

Repeat the affirmations above as often as needed. The energetic vibration of the root chakra is LAM. Humming lam will help you connect to your root.

My family loves to ski in the wintertime.  They are all very aggressive skiers – bombing down the trail and carving turns in some precarious conditions. When I am following them (and always the last one down), I remind myself,

“I am safe, grounded, and in control”. Repeating that helps me focus on the present moment and to stay in my lane.  Otherwise I feel rushed (one of my top worst feelings) and out of control.

There are many ways you can ground yourself.

Play with it and find what resonates with you. Stop worrying about whether you are doing it right or wrong.  Take time to center your mind and body and discover what helps you stay focused, grounded, and aligned with the highest version of you.

If you are in need of some extra grounding, treat yourself to an energy healing experience on the biomat! It’s chock full of amethyst crystals + negative ions to help you relax and ground. Of course not to mention the beautiful universal light force energy and healing that comes with reiki. I am located in the heart of Midtown Reno and am seeing new clients.

For more information about the chakras, you can also download my free guide to the chakras and learn how you can keep your chakras open and aligned.

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