Elevated Energy Coaching

Elevated Energy Coaching is a transformative 6 month program offered at Latitude Wellness. It seamlessly integrates mindset coaching with energy work, including Reiki and sound healing. This unique program is designed to empower individuals to overcome self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, and overthinking. By participating in Elevated Energy Coaching, clients gain the tools and insights needed to live with renewed confidence, clarity, and purpose. The program invites clients to reconnect with their highest selves, fostering a sense of balance and expansion in mind, body, and soul. Through this journey, participants unlock their full potential, liberating themselves from mental barriers and embracing a life filled with vibrant energy and positivity.

Freedom Mindset Coaching

Freedom Mindset Coaching is a 90-day program offered at Latitude Wellness, tailored for high achievers seeking liberation from mental constraints. This program is designed for those who are tired of overthinking, feeling stuck, experiencing anxiety, and struggling to make progress in life. Through Freedom Mindset Coaching, participants embark on a transformative journey that helps them break free from self-limiting beliefs. They gain clarity, confidence, and the freedom to unlock their full potential. This coaching experience empowers clients to live without the burdens of self-doubt and hesitation, allowing them to embrace a mindset of liberation and personal growth. These coaching sessions can be done virtually or in person. Your choice!

Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing at Latitude Wellness offer a holistic pathway to well-being and relaxation. Our healing sessions tap into the body's natural ability to heal itself, making it an effective approach for stress management, pain alleviation, and promoting a profound sense of calm in both the mind and body. In addition to Reiki energy, our sessions also incorporate the healing power of sound therapy. Whether experienced as a standalone session or combined with Reiki, this approach rejuvenates the spirit and promotes mental clarity. Our healing sessions are available for in-person and distance healing, transcending physical boundaries to provide transformative benefits to all individuals, regardless of their location. Experience the revitalizing effects of Reiki and Energy Healing and discover a sense of inner balance and harmony. Clients can rest, recover, and rejuvenate in a safe, nurturing, and grounded space. We use the biomat which has far infrared heat to help restore and relax incorporating the latest in wellbeing innovation.

Your Guide to a Spiritual Transformation

As an Intuitive Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner, Alexis empowers individuals to trust themselves, tap into their intuition, and lead lives filled with confidence and purpose. Explore our 3-month Life Coaching program, Reiki healing, and Live on Purpose Transformational Coaching sessions, and embark on a transformative journey to unlock your full potential with Alexis Nelson.

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