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Get Unstuck, Unlock Your Potential, Be Confident. Life Coaching & Energy Healing for high achieving empathic women ready to get out of their head and into their life.

| lat-i-tude: scope of freedom for action or thought

Have you wondered if Life Coaching is the path for you?

Alexis Nelson of Latitude Wellness Reno Nevada

Are you are feeling stuck and getting in your own way?

Tired of the narrative repeatedly playing in your head and the limited beliefs about you and your abilities?

While everything looks fine on the outside, you are feeling disconnected from your purpose and your life.

The overthinking about your past and the worry about your future are exhaustive.

You procrastinate on taking action and the next step because you fear it won’t be good enough or perfect.

Maybe you know what to do but want some support, encouragement, and accountability.

You have the ability to remove the mindset & energetic blocks keeping you stuck and address the root of the problem by using your amazing brain to think on purpose.

Whether its through Intuitive Life Coaching, Reiki + Energy Healing, or a combination of both modalities, let Latitude Wellness be part of your journey to becoming the next version of you and start LIVING ON PURPOSE with CONFIDENCE.


If you are open to growth, curiosity, and honesty.. You CAN heal yourself, and reclaim your energy and purpose.

Maybe you aren't sure what or how to do it, because...

You’ve tried to make changes in the past and you end up repeating patterns and creating the same results.

You want to stop beating yourself up with all of the negative trash talk, self sabotage, and limiting beliefs about yourself, end perfectionism, and feeling like it is never enough.

You want to stop feeling ‘busy’ all of the time and end the crappy excuses you keep telling yourself.

You are here because you know deep down there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.

You really want to make a change for the better even though it feels scary, impossible, or really hard.

You know you need to slow down but can’t give yourself permission to do less because your belief system doesn’t support it.


Through my intuitive life coaching, reiki, and energy work, you will start living on your terms, your rules, and get back into the driver’s seat of your journey. It’s time to reclaim your latitude, master your mind, balance & ignite your energy, and live exceptionally on purpose.

I will help you get to where you want to be with confidence, ease, and flow.
Visualize future self and become her NOW.  

Let’s do this together

Alexis Nelson is a wife, mom, Certified Health & Life Coach, Reiki II Practitioner, Kundalini Reiki Master and Intuitive, organizational ninja, and advocate for access to the great outdoors.  When she isn’t working or running with her kids, you can find her on her yoga mat, hiking in the Sierra, skiing, off-roading, embarking on challenging new adventures, and raising her vibration through psychic and spiritual development

Energy Healing Reno Tahoe

What Latitude Wellness Clients are Saying:

“It’s difficult to put into words how meaningful our experience with Alexis has been through reiki as the impact it has had on our family is immeasurable. Our son sustained a severe concussion and after about a week of researching options to relieve his pain and other symptoms, we turned to our friend who offers the powerful treatment of reiki. Being a bit on the shier side, our son was a little nervous to try it out. However, Alexis made him feel comfortable as soon as he arrived for the session. Her thoughtful and caring questions coupled with a deep sense of compassion to help our son and family put us all at ease. After his first session, our son was beaming! He felt lighter, had less pain, and overall started feeling like himself again. As a mom, the health and well-being of a child is the most important thing and witnessing the impact Alexis and reiki had on our son’s recovery process was astounding. It was truly incredible. Alexis provided a follow-up session and again, our son left feeling re-energized and excited about the progress he was making post-concussion. Our family is now on a health and spiritual journey as Alexis has opened our eyes and hearts to reiki healing. I cannot speak more highly of Alexis and her incredible work. Our time with Alexis has truly has changed our lives for the better.”  ~ Aimee Cummins

“I am incredibly grateful for everything Alexis is helping me with.  Our sessions continue to blow my mind.  I have always felt a connection to forms of spirituality that aren’t mainstream even when there are people that question their validity.  It is so amazing to me the connected energy of Reiki that I experience and the connections that Alexis and I make.  I know I will always have some form of work to do but it is like having “aha” moments of thoughts, reflection, and validation.  I am so inspired by this process and form of work.  It makes me so excited to see where this will take me on my mental and physical journey. What Alexis does is simply amazing!”
  ~ Christie Singleton