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Guide to the Chakras

Create More Time

Take Control of YOUR Time.
Get back into the Driver’s seat of managing your day.
Do more things that fuel your fire in less time.
Stop making excuses and being ‘busy’ and take action now.

Are you ready to create more time in your day and your life?

This 5 step easy guide will help you get started in taking back your time and becoming aware and deliberate with how you spend your time.  Who can’t use a few extra hours in their day?  Well I am here to help walk you through this easy process.  Download your guide and video tutorial below and start creating more time today.

Find Your Latitude

Achieve the impossible.
It starts with one simple and essential step:
Your ability to focus on what is important to you.

Please click on the button below and I will send you the Daily Focus Guide that I use every day to stay focused.

This simple guide has a series of questions to help you direct your thoughts and attention in having more focus within your day. It will help you start prioritizing you and what is important to you, and create more time so you can show up and spread your creativity and uniqueness with the world. We have so much going on throughout our day, it’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos and lose our focus on what really matters.

Freedom Mindset Journal

Your guide to 10 days of self reflection.

This is a reflective self study that will inspire you to start thinking about your current thoughts, your wants, and inspire you to take action!

Journaling or thought work (as I call it) is a powerful practice where you can take a good look at what you are currently thinking and how your thoughts are creating your reality . I never had a strong journal practice until the last year when I started connecting the dots between my scarcity mindset and how it was tied to my finances, my drinking, and my marriage. When I put them down on paper and started questioning my current thoughts and beliefs, and reframing them into something that served me – I realized that I am my only limit.

This inspired me to create a journal guide that sparks some light around your thoughts about your life, your thoughts about yourself, what you want, what are your dreams, and who you want to become.

You will receive one journal prompt (sometimes two) per day over the course of the next ten days. At the end, we will celebrate you, and hopefully you have gained a little more insight on who you are. Sounds funny, but many of us have lost that connection with ourselves because we are focused on what others want, their needs, and what we think we should be doing based on what society says.