July 28

Awareness and Observation

To create something new or different in your life, it begins with awareness. To become aware, it requires taking a step back and becoming the observer of your mind, body, and life. Noticing without judgement what is happening in the present moment.

Thoughts to consider when embarking on this mission…

Where is your attention?

What are the thoughts occupying your mind and taking up precious space?

Are they helping you take action with intention and focus?

Or are you moving through your day in auto pilot?

Transformation is the continual process of letting go. This is one of the pillars of the life coaching and reiki/energy work I do with my clients. When you begin this process of healing and change, there are three areas of focus.

Awareness – Honesty – Forgiveness

Beginning with awareness, where does one start and how can we cultivate more awareness within ourselves and our day?

Awareness is defined as knowledge or perception of a situation.

In relation to the chakras, awareness lies within your crown chakra, as well as your third eye.

The mantra of the crown chakra is I KNOW.

The crown is responsible for true awareness, bliss, and connection to source.

A balanced crown chakra allows us to be truly connected to the universe and everything around us. This requires awareness of oneself and our physical environment.

Awareness begins with us and the desire to be in the present.

When we make this decision, we start to notice and observe. Typically, this happens when we are triggered or our mood and/or energy shifts quickly.

The first step is to pause and breathe. Simply stated, not so easy to do because our mind wants to take control and think its way through everything.

While breathing is an unconscious process, many of us take very shallow breaths which impacts how much energy is released into our body. Breath work is emphasized in many practices such as yoga and meditation connecting mind body and spirit. Our life force energy helps us drop into our physical body and out of our head.

The power of our prana, our life force energy is massive. Take a moment to connect with your breath. It will help slow down and calm the autonomic nervous system. It helps us come back into the present moment which opens the door to listening within.

Like anything, this is a practice (and in my opinion), worth building.

Being aware is the first step to changing your life and tapping into your limitless possibility and potential.

Once connected with the breath, notice what is happening in the body. Our physiological responses are helpful in signaling what is running the show (our thought process). If we have a reaction to something that isn’t right – our body will respond – so this is a great time to pay attention!

Responses in the form of chills, pit in the stomach, heaviness in the heart, scattering thoughts and inability to focus, tension in the shoulders, lower back pain – these are just a few of many examples.

After you receive the signal in the physical body, now you can take a step back and notice what is happening in your mind.

Thoughts create feelings.

Feeling drive action or inaction.

Breathe In – Breathe Out.

Observe what is happening in your mind and where your attention is.

What does your environment look like? Is it cluttered and chaotic?

Your external environment reflects your internal world.

You are a mirror of what is happening in your mind. Your perspective is formed by beliefs, experiences, and programming from your life. If you are ridden with looping thoughts of the I can’t, I won’t, I should, I’m not, then that is what you will create – more evidence of everything you cant do. When you notice this dialogue through this beautiful awareness you’ve created for yourself, you can pause and redirect. Call yourself out on your negative talk.

Remember – thoughts create feelings. Those thoughts will create the crappy results you are trying to avoid.

Cultivating awareness of what is happening within you and around you is the gateway to creating what you are seeking. The energy you are putting into the world will be reflected to you – tap into the energy of what you want and who you want to be.

Sometimes it will feel forced, but remember this, energy is contagious. You smile and someone will smile back! You compliment someone, it may completely turn their day around for the better. Awareness of your energy and what you bring into the room can alter any state. Be the energy you want to attract and go be amazing.

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