February 3

Want More Confidence? Start with WHY


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Kicking off the first days of February…How are you doing with your vision and plans for 2023? Are you in flow, building confidence by following intently through with your commitments to yourself? Or have you gone back to the old ways and feeling stuck and blah? Maybe you are in the middle, sticking to a plan with modifications. Wherever you are, this is an opportunity to check in, be honest with yourself, and decide where you want to go from here.

Our intentions to eat healthier, make better choices, and improve self, are paramount in the beginning of the year; especially those of us who are ready to get back to it, or begin a new journey of change, growth, and transformation.

There’s something about the turn of a new year that gives us the permission to work on our dreams, desires, and goals.

While this focus and determination is remarkable, it’s important to remember WHY you want to make these changes within you.

The why is incredibly important, especially when you are working on your confidence.

The why will drive you to keep going when it gets hard.

Motivation will wear off by the second or third week.

Eating clean will get boring.

Going to the gym will feel hard.

Restriction will feel unbearable.

Doing the same things repeatedly will become monotonous.

The narrative starts to become louder and keeps repeating, ‘See you can’t do this...’

This is where knowing your why and feeling into it will kick in. The power to do the hard thing will prevail. I talk about finding your why in this post here.

Your why will withstand the toughest moments.

When you feel weak, vulnerable, and ready to give in to what you are working on moving away from.

You aren’t going to feel like doing it ALL THE TIME. That’s why it’s important to know the WHY behind the desire for the change.

It will keep you in the game when you want to give up.

Determine your why and keep asking WHY until you get to the root of what it is you are seeking.

If you find yourself chasing something that keeps moving further away from you; it’s time to look at your underlying reasoning for what you want. You may not be aware or perhaps it was surface level wants that are lacking actual depth and meaning. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong either (so don’t even go there). This is an opportunity to dig a little deeper and ask yourself the hard questions.

When you give yourself the space to become curious and reflect, you open yourself up to a shift in your thinking. Becoming crystal clear on why you are seeking what you want will not only move you closer to aligning with your higher self, it will also start building the foundation of confidence.

Your clarity about why you want the change, and the results, is the beginning of the journey. Then comes the decision. The choice to go for it no matter what. Remember your why has to be stronger than the desire to stay the same (WHY I belabored spending time thinking about it).

Decide and start thinking about that person you want to become.

Every day, take one step towards it. Take a few, take 8. Just keep moving. Tell yourself you are going to do what you need on that day, and follow through.

This is the quickest way to building self-confidence.

Self Confidence starts with the belief in oneself.

How do you flex this muscle?

Do what you said you would do. Just like you do for everyone else. Show up for you and make it happen. This is something I see all too often in my coaching and energy healing practice. We give, and then we give a little more, ignoring or putting our own needs on the backburner. This will eventually lead you to burnout and resentment, which weighs heavy on the heart.

Here are my three simple steps to build more confidence. Ready?

  • Journal, doodle, brainstorm, meditate, whatever mode you use for thinking and reflecting and ask why you want the change?

    • What would happen when you have more confidence?
    • How would you show up differently?
    • How would your life be better?
  • Choose you. Pick one thing you want to work and GO ALL IN.
  • Make a plan. Pick one action item you will do daily that you will do no matter what, schedule it in your calendar, and show up for YOU. I created a tool called create more time using the TUNE method. You can download this worksheet for free. It helps you focus on one thing and get it done.

Create more time

When you start taking action on your wants, you may not see major changes in the beginning, that is because you are building the foundation to the next version of you. The key is to show and do these things you have decided to do with purpose and consistency.

Small hinges swing big doors.

Committing to yourself and following through with action is the ultimate confidence booster. You will improve. You will do the hard things. You will also start valuing your opinion and what you want over others (especially those who always have an opinion yet have been in the same place, doing the same thing, and creating the same results).

This commitment starts with the why and resonates through your mind creating a dialogue that will either support your growth or suppress your dreams. The crap talk about yourself and your abilities will not help you move forward. Period. The narrative will run the show, so choose your words wisely!

Working with a Life Coach can help you get to your core desire so you can create a new dialogue that will support what you want. The Freedom Mindset Program is a tailored and unique coaching experience designed to uncover what is stopping you and keeping you feeling small. We look at your current narrative and start rewriting it so you can build the confidence and take massive action in your life.

Book your FREE discovery session with Latitude Wellness and uncover what’s been stopping you from getting what you want and start believing that you can make this happen for YOU. This is confidence and it looks amazing on you.

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