December 1

The Practice of Clarity

This morning, my daughter reminded me that it’s the first day of December. Not a surprise, more of a realization that we are that much closer to 2023. I have a practice where I check in with myself (and my goals) and create a plan for the month based on what I want from a place of clarity and focus– whether its accomplishing (taking action), being (showing up with intention), or both.

I can’t tell you how many people I talk to that say they want ____________ yet it’s so vague and undefined. For example, they say – I want to be more present. Or want to experience more joy, adventure, or love. Then its over. No plan. No details – no specifics.

When you lack detail and clarity on what you want, you will fall short in creating a deliberate plan for follow through.

Knowledge is power, however taking action and applying the knowledge is where the results happen.

While I am not suggesting that you need to plan out every single moment, I think it’s important to look at what is important to you and define it.

Not sure where to begin? Start with the feeling! Give yourself a hot minute to think about what you actually want? Go back to your vision board, goal planning for 2022, or free write some ideas. There is no wrong answer. Remember we always have a choice!!

I started 2022 with three words on my white board:

Believe – Consistency – Discomfort

Thinking about how I want to finish out 2022 and integrating these three words is part of my plan for December.

Here’s the practice! Get for Clarity, Action, and Results..

  • Choose one desired goal for the month (by all means – if you want more – go for it)
  • Come up with 5 action steps you are going to take to work towards the goal.
  • Name the FEEL-GOOD Intention you will use to show up for yourself and do the things (the steps) you listed above.
  • Name one habit you would like to learn, address, or change – this can be part of the goal or something outside of it.

Some notes on the practice. If you are already working towards a goal, this can be part of it. You don’t need to create something new. The point is to be clear on what you want.


Setting goals can invoke excitement and create fear, anxiety and discomfort. That is why clarity is so important.

Discomfort is the currency to growth and learning how to be with the discomfort will help you reach your goal from a place of curiosity, love, and acceptance. Being clear on what it is you want to do or maybe it’s embodying a FEELING, it doesn’t matter if it is about doing or being.

The objective here is multi-faceted; to build trust within self and the belief that you can hold space to do hard things while experiencing discomfort AND the magic of feeling proud and accomplished. Yes – it’s all the feels wrapped into a nice big emotional package.

You also want to set yourself up for success by defining what you want and list the steps you will take to get there. No matter how minor or major they are.

I have several goals for December, and I will share one of them with you. I want to host my first group sound healing by the end of 2022.

GOAL: Host first group sound healing in December (BE SPECIFIC HERE – add deadlines and details)

  • Action 1: Practice 5x’s per week for minimum of 15 minutes (this will be in my calendar)
  • Action 2: Write out the meditation leading into the healing
  • Action 3: Pick the date & Location
  • Action 4: Announce it and let people know (through email, word, meetings, social)
  • Action 5: Do the thought work required to address the negative thoughts keeping me from taking action. Think about how amazing the experience will be for those who want to attend and how good it’s going to feel when accomplished.

This goal is way out of my comfort zone (Discomfort).

I need to believe in what I am doing, that it’s important and relevant to take the action (Believe).

The consistency is in the daily practice (Consistency).

BOOM – see how this is done! While this idea scares me, I broke it down into doable steps that aren’t so overwhelming, and I shared it with you. The accountability piece.

This is how you turn your ideas into reality. It starts with clarity on what you want.

You have a month left in 2022! Where do you want to focus your energy, effort, and resources on? Will you take control of your wants and future or let more days pass you by wondering where your month and year went?

If you are wanting to close out your 2022 with a boom and start your 2023 with well-defined goals and doable action, let’s take this path together. I will walk you through how to create thoughts that support who you want to become and set goals in support of your mission and purpose.

Having support and someone helping you see past your blind spots and working through the mental blocks will help you address the obstacles head on proving to yourself that you can accomplish hard things even when you are feeling the discomfort. Not only do you have a life coach to support you, I teach you how to manage your mind and take action from a powerful source within YOU. Learn more here!

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