August 26

Setting Intentions

The power of setting an intention allows us to decide on purpose how we want to BE. This guides us in how we are showing up, our impact, and leads us to taking action, which creates our results. Setting an intention is different than setting a goal, even though they are connected and help us choose what we want to focus our attention and effort on. Intentions help us see the unique realms and possibilities that weren’t evident to us in the past.

An intention connects us with our internal GPS, inner truth, intuition, and spirit.

The truest and most authentic version of who we are. When we CHOOSE to be, we connect with the vibration and shift into that frequency. In other words, when we set an intention to be present (this is a big one for me), we are directing our mind (thoughts) on being present. I like to think of an intention as reflecting a desire rather than achieving an outcome. Striving for outcomes and accomplishments are part of the human experience, however when creating intention, we want to focus on the feeling: the emotion connected to the outcome.

In my energy healing and coaching practice, this emphasis is on identifying the feeling we want to embody instead of reaching for the actual outcome. Outcomes can produce a flurry of emotion around attachment, worthiness, and what is enough fueling the narrative of the old self and ways of being. Therefore, starting with an intention is paramount in every session I have with my clients.

By connecting with the desire to be , the how (the intention), the action will follow.

Why? Because when we are intentional and focus on who we want to be, taking action will be much easier. Think about it this way… say you are working on a project with a deadline looming over you. You didn’t sleep the night before, your kid missed the bus, and you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and burdened, and you haven’t even started the work portion of your day. Feelings of dread, confusion, and doubt will hang over you clouding your vision and ability to take action. If you decide not to change the tone, you will be working from this energy. What do you think the results will look like? How do you think you will BE during these hours?

The beautiful thing is that you get to decide on how you want to show up and setting that tone with intention will help you get it done. While you will most likely finish the project, you are probably feeling a lot of resistance, frustration and it will feel really hard.

Learning how to be (intention) instead of always doing increases your capacity to have more and do less.

It doesn’t mean you are less productive, instead you focused and aligning your energy with what is important to you and how you are showing up in the world. When we focus our attention (energy) on being instead of thinking, doing, and moving aimlessly through our day where distractions are EVERYWHERE, we become human doers instead of beings. Come back to the intention and give the mind a rest for a hot minute. You will be amazed at what you can access in this space.

Without intention, busyness, distraction, and even procrastination will overwhelm your mind and control your day. It can fuel negative beliefs and confirm the narrative that tie your worth to productivity and action, which is only a perception and not the truth.

Buddha said, “every day we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.”

What happened in the past, whether it was yesterday, an hour ago, a week, year, decade, we have the ability to reset and start again. By setting an intention, we can adjust our energy to how we want to show up. Perhaps the intention is forgiveness, compassion, focus, flow, confidence, knowledge, creative, or efficient. This alone will direct your energy and help you step into your power – the power of the now.

Many of us want to achieve a goal because we think we are going to feel better when we arrive. We talk about results and then worry about how we are going to attain them, what needs to be done, and immediately go to action. So we start with results, in hopes that we will figure it out along the way. What if instead, you began with an intention, which will help you create the thoughts that will drive your action? This requires less energy and action because you are deciding ahead of time who you want to be to get the result you are seeking.

Why wait to become that person at the end, when its available to you now? All you have to do is decide and open your mind & heart and connect with your spirit/intuition. This creates flow and magnetism without sacrificing your physical and mental wellbeing.

During the phase of the new moon, I like to set new intentions for myself and revisit ones I created in the past to see how they are helping me. Being specific is helpful but not required.

So how do you set intentions?

Firstly, start by connecting with YOU. Don’t overthink this! We tend to overcomplicate because we allow our minds to run the show. Connect with your heart and tap into your intuition (learn more about this here). Simply breathe. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Continue doing this for a few minutes. Allow the mind and body to relax.

Ask yourself the question, what am I seeking?

Who do I need to be to have it?

Sometimes the mind will get in the way, thinking that you need something because you must have it. This is where connecting with your intuition is so important.

An alternative to this question is simple: Who do I want to be today?

After reflection, write them down and notice how it will flow into the rest of your day.

You can set daily, weekly, monthly intentions, activity specific intentions, new/full moon intentions – there’s no set limit to what you can create. Please remember this! This is your journey. How you want to show up is up to you. Go all in on yourself and be deliberate with your intentions. Notice what happens for you on the path. It’s magical!

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