February 26

One step at a time: How to Focus

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Distractions are rampant. The competition for our attention is fierce. Our ability to focus is really challenging in this environment. Just look at your phone when you are scrolling. The advertisements and the flashes of all the things that draw our attention away from what we are doing to – hey over here – you NEED this or really striking the cord on our biggest pain points and perceived weaknesses. It’s excellent marketing and there for good reason.

No wonder it’s a challenge for many of us to get anything done! Trying to maintain a steady flow of thoughts when our computers and phones are pinging notifications; we are in this continual state of being ON. This is not only a productivity killer but it drains our precious energy.

When our energy tanks, we are likely to engage in behaviors and habits that perpetuate more of the same moving us away from our goals and aspirations. This is when our discipline is challenged and the likelihood of falling off track strikes us hard.

The power of focus begins with knowing what you want.

Whether its change, an outcome, a feeling, projects, work to do, or simply you need to meet a deadline – starting with a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish will help you direct your mind to focus on the task at hand. I wrote about the power of clarity here – check it out if you are struggling with having clarity.

We have long to do lists and tend to keep adding to them. What if instead, you choose three things to focus your attention on that actually produce results for you?

I created a daily focus guide back in 2018 when I started my coaching training. I had a preschooler at home and was working on my certification, running my consulting business, and my household. I am a check-the-box achiever. I love to cross off my tasks and be DONE. However, I noticed I wasn’t focusing my effort on the important tasks that move the needle forward. Instead, I would buffer and procrastinate on the hard tasks and do the dishes and check emails instead. While I appreciate a clean sink, it wasn’t building my business nor pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Every day, I pick three tasks – what I call hard things – and I get them done first. I set my intention, clear my desk of distractions, turn off my phone, and get to work. Not only does this help me show up, I am taking massive action on what I deem as important.

This time that you set aside for yourself to focus on the hard things will help you create the belief in yourself that you can do it. This is what creates the foundation of success. Show up, take action, repeat DAILY.  There will be days when you will be tied up in meetings, activities, family, and life. The conditions will always vary and change on a regular basis. It’s how you mentally prepare and show up to keep executing on your goals and mission.

Here is the process I use to FOCUS on getting it done:

Step #1: Decide what you want and write it down. This step is crucial. You can look at it like a daily goal.  Maybe you are working towards a goal and have broken in down into small manageable and achievable steps. Do you have deadlines that are looming that need to be addressed?

Step #2: Turn off any distractions. Seriously. You can be unavailable for an hour. Unless of course you are on call or have littles or people you are caring for – if that is the case – focus on them 🙂 Tell yourself you are going to focus for the next 30 minutes – hour – however long and that you can do this. The anticipation always feels worse than the actual task at hand.

Step #3: Define what you want to accomplish. What is enough? Are you planning on completing a task? Writing a certain number of words for your copy, blog post, email, or book? Contacting x # of people? Writing out a list of ideas? Whatever it is, have something you can aim for and measure. Otherwise, if you aren’t clearly defining your target, most likely it won’t be enough and you won’t feel good about your progress.

Step#4: Just say no. What do I mean by this? Say no to everything other than what you are focusing on. When I am working on something that is challenging me, I want to snack. I will literally stop what I am doing, go to the pantry, and eat mindlessly. It’s a terrible habit and one that I am still working on to this day. This happens when I am not sure what to write or what is next so I distract myself, thinking the answer will come. By shifting between tasks, it can “cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time”. Not only is mindless snacking a coping mechanism, but it also wastes so much time and energy!

Step#5: Go get it done. Action alleviates anxiety. Action builds confidence. No amount of thinking and planning can replace the pure power of action. This is where focusing on one thing and going all in will put you ahead of your day.

Focus on taking action

The power of focus will help you get more of what you want (even if it feels hard) and less expenditure of your precious resources. When you focus on doing the hard things first, you have more space for creativity, fun, rest, an whatever your beautiful heart wants. We don’t realize how much time we waste in the day and then wonder why nothing got done and why there’s never enough tie to have fun. If this sounds like you, let me help you create more focus and learn how to use the power of your mind to get it done. Book your free discovery session and learn how to start working smarter and not harder.

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