May 10

The Powerful Healing Modality of Reiki and Sound

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The resonance of sound. Sound Healing can alter your state, change your mood, and uplift you to new states of being. Then there is reiki, a holistic healing modality that promotes and restores harmony and balance in mind, body, and spirit. I remember my very first sound bath and it was pure bliss. I went on a wild trip through multiple dimensions; experiencing colors, emotions, and galaxies far beyond my imagination. No, I wasn’t tripping out on any chemical substance, it was pure energy clearing blockages and calming my hyperactive and monkey mind. I had been going through my spiritual awakening and this brought me to new level of awareness. Everything was magnified around me almost like HD bright light. I swear I was riding this amazing wave of euphoria and bliss for a week. I was hooked. I had journaled about this experience years ago and found this passage…

Once I gave myself permission and allowed myself to be in the present moment, I could feel my erratic and incessant thoughts start to slow down. I could feel the tension oozing out of me as if mother earth were swallowing it whole. I noticed my body starting to release and relax, feeling heavier as I sunk into my mat. As I allowed this to unfold, I noticed lightness in my minds eye. When my mind is quiet, I can tune into my innate wisdom – my inner knowing and intuition. She has a voice and it feels powerful! I want to create more space to listen within so I can align with what my higher self wants. All of the answers I have been seeking lie within. This is what happens when you slow down, relax, and listen deeply with intention, love, and understanding. I am the creator of my destiny and have unlimited potential. It’s time to step into it.”

I attended monthly sound baths until the pandemic and experienced something different each time. Sometimes, it was darkness, deep relaxation, snippets of the past – fear, heartbreak, trauma, disappointment, to feeling more peace and harmony. It was whatever I needed in the present moment even though it often did not match my expectation. I wrote a post about expectations and disappointment – you can read it here.

Then the opportunity presented itself when I attended a workshop for spiritual entrepreneurs. I met my sound healing guru and signed up for her weekend certification (certified through the International Academy of Sound) class to learn about the art and healing of sound. Six months later, I had 15 hours under my belt and a new set of healing grade Tibetan bowls. I practiced on my family, myself, and had the courage to start using the bowls during my energy healing sessions.

Since that amazing experience, I have been incorporating sound healing into my reiki + energy healing practice and the results have been phenomenal.

In my practice, I use healing grade Tibetan Copper Singing Bowls purchased and certified through the International Academy of Sound Healing. The bowls are used for clearing, cleansing & strengthening the aura, and placed on the body for physical pain relief and stress reduction. All while having a calming effect on the mind and body.

Coupled with Reiki, the Japanese healing modality used to balance, harmonize, and promote healing in the body, this powerful combination facilitates a release from the subconscious mind while clearing away the mental blockages restoring the chakras and energy field into natural balance and harmony.

The purpose behind these healing modalities is to relax the mind and body. As the energy healer, it is my intention to create a safe space for clients to release, let go, and heal. Healing is an inside job and occurs when you surrender, allowing the mind and body to relax. We live in a busy world where distractions are rampant which trigger our nervous system into the fight or flight response, also known as activation of the sympathetic system. When experiencing sound healing with the Tibetan bowls, my clients have shared the following results:

  • Feeling more balanced and at peace
  • Feeling less anxious and less hyperactive
  • Deeper connection with intuition and higher self
  • Stress Relief
  • Headache and neck tension relief
  • Feeling more like authentic self
  • Greater relaxation and spiritual connectivity
  • Help restore harmony in the mind and body
  • Calm, relaxed, and clear
  • Restorative and decrease in physical pain and ailments.

For those of you who want to learn more about the effects of sound healing; specifically through randomized studies, read more here.
This particular study examined the effects of sound meditation, on mood, anxiety, pain, and spiritual well-being.

Sound Healing and Reiki

Or maybe you have been called to experience a sound healing and have been hesitant to try something out of the ordinary. If you are reading this, the Universe is giving you a nudge – book your private energy healing + sound session with Latitude Wellness and see what unfolds for you in your amazing journey.

With love and gratitude,


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