September 10

Quick Full Body Blast Workout

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A full body blast workout that will work your entire body in less than 30 minutes.

You will get your heart rate pumping, while challenging your balance, and working your upper and lower body.

I am all for efficiency.  There are days when I want to spend as much time possible training, and then there are other days when I wonder how I’m going to squeeze in a quick sweat session.  It used to be all or nothing for me.  I either do my ENTIRE routine or I don’t even bother doing it at all.  Realizing this belief is not only ridiculous, I am also cutting myself short of much needed time to de-stress and give my brain a mental break.  Training is a big outlet for me and serves as a moving meditation.  It’s is a disservice to cut myself off if I can’t have it all.  That’s why I continue to create quick combinations that offer everything I need.

This is why I LOVE designing workouts for my clients and for myself.

It’s why I became a personal trainer and is one of my creative and fun endeavors.  Before I share the workout with my client, I try it out for myself to make sure it’s the right combination and what is aligned with my client’s objective.

The beauty of these quick workouts is that you can regress or progress each exercise by making simple tweaks. If you need something more difficult, try using a foam pad or instability ball to challenge your balance.  For example, a progression and more challenging move is to stand on a foam pad while doing the flamingos.  This exercise is difficult as is, so when you add instability to the mix, you will activate more muscles especially in your core.

In personal training, we refer to this as creating a proprioceptively enriched environment.  All this means is you are challenging your internal balance and stabilization mechanisms in your body.  An example of regression would be performing a push up on your knees.  If you do add these tools to your routine, make sure you can perform the exercise with control, proper form, and technique.

Give it a try.  Play with it.  You won’t regret moving your body today!

To perform the workout, repeat each set 2-3 times, 30 seconds for each exercise.

Here’s the Full Body Blast Workout:

Weighted Squat Jumps (I used a ten pound weight)
Push Ups
Wall Sit

Curtsy Lunges – Right
Curtsy Lunges – Left

Flamingos – Right (balance on one leg and kick back without putting your foot down)
Flamingos – Left
Downward Dog Hops (downward dog, then hop back and forth across your mat, keeping your hands on the mat)

Inch Worms (stand tall, roll down until your hands touch the floor then walk out to plank)
Reverse Lunge – Kick (Right)
Reverse Lunge – Kick (Left)

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down with some stretching and foam rolling!

Any questions about any of these exercises – feel free to contact me.

Here’s to moving your body today.

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