August 4

Surrender to the Now

Do you ever get in a rut that seems like it’s never going to end?


Whether it lasts for an hour, a week, or a month, time is inconsequential because it feels so dark and deep.

This darkness may feel like doubt, confusion, fear, followed with the spiraling narrative that bogs you down keeping you feeling stuck.

I have to admit, I was in this funky place in the beginning of the summer and it felt terrible.

I couldn’t get out of bed.

I didn’t want to exercise, not even take my dog for a walk! It felt like way too much work and applying any effort from this place seemed like running a marathon.

I blew off some of my work, which is a big violation of my ethical code.

I hid under the covers and drug myself out in dread fueled with anxiety about all the things I am NOT doing. I would hit the snooze button and skip my morning routine of meditation, thought work, and gratitude.

After sharing this darkness with a friend of mine, he made a noteworthy point to me.

He said, “what if you embrace the sh$t out of lying-in bed and surrender to what is happening instead of resisting what is coming up for you?”

On my drive home, his words hit me like a lightning bolt and kept echoing through me. Leading up to this point of pure darkness, I had been cranking out work and doing, doing, doing, instead of finding a balance of flow.  I had been hustling to the breaking point of exhaustion.  Not only did I reach this state of burn out, I also wasn’t enjoying what I was creating which of course led to extreme disappointment in myself and my work.

In my mind, I had this idea of creating a course – which I did, and I ended up changing the name, tweaking the content, and adding MORE content.  While I believe in the work I am sharing, it is not what my heart was calling me to do.

Between the script editing, recording of the videos, graphics design and everything that goes into creating a course (not to mention the launch), I sped through the entire process hurrying my way to getting results at the finish line.  All for the sake of the fact that I set a goal for myself and was accountable to my Business Coach, myself, and to Latitude Wellness.  While this process works (without the hurry piece), what I failed to do was define my expectation and set the parameters for how I am going to work. Without these important steps, I led myself to a lot of disappointment, doubt, and self-loathing.

Ironically, this is part of the process I teach in my course and I wasn’t even following my own script – hello red flag!

Interested in the course I am talking about?  It’s called Create More Time and I teach you how to say no to busyness and procrastination and yes to finishing the important work in less time without the worry. 


Isn’t it wild to think that we are the ones who set ourselves up for this level of disappointment?

Guess what – it has 100% to do with our current thoughts.

My negative thought loop had paralyzed me to the point of exhaustion and lack of motivation.

When you keep telling yourself you didn’t do enough, you didn’t try hard enough, you didn’t show up enough, you are severing yourself from your true needs and the answers you are seeking. You literally sever the flow of creativity that comes to you when you are in your true and natural state of self-embodiment.

Our results are always due to a thought we are thinking and believing.

What if we just surrendered to what is happening in the moment and gave ourselves enough time and grace to be in the present?  Give ourselves the attention needed to listen and seek within the answers we are seeking?

This includes allowing ourselves to embrace all of the messy and the feelings of disappointment?

Had I surrendered and stopped making this mean there is something fundamentally wrong with me, I would have most likely moved away from the loathing and moved on with my day and into my flow.

My coach helped me through this process and pointed out my resistance to what is happening in the now. Even though this is the work that I do with my clients, coaches need direction and support by helping us look at our blind spots and offer reframes to old ways of thinking.

This includes enjoying who you are becoming and being in the moment versus waiting until you cross the proverbial finish line to get the stamp of approval to reach happiness or the feeling you are seeking.

When you rush to the end game, you are missing out on the joys and tribulations that come with the experience.

Upon arrival, you won’t feel any different.  Chasing something outside of you will create more of what you don’t want.  Then it’s on to the next thing without any pause to reflect and revel in the accomplishment.  I see it happen every day.

What is it that you want to feel when you set out to accomplish something?

Whatever it is, start feeling it now.  From this place, you will take action and create whatever it is and enjoy the journey.

This will set you free and allow you to feel whatever it is you are seeking. I know it helped me tremendously get back into my flow.

Surrendering patterns of worry, overthinking, and letting old beliefs go may seem daunting at first.  If you are struggling to let go or perhaps feel as though your grip is a little too tight, let Latitude Wellness walk you through this process.

Doing it alone may feel overwhelming, so let us guide you on your path to wellness, clarity, and freedom.  Life Coach, Alexis Nelson will walk you through a powerful process of thinking on purpose and helping your ignite your mind, energy, and life.  Learn more about how you can start letting go and get back into the driver’s seat of your life.  Book your free discovery session here

Here’s to Living on Purpose and to surrendering to the now.

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