February 3

Finish What You Start


How many times have you worked on an important project, only to find yourself getting distracted and unable to finish what you start because you are pulled in other directions?

Where you end up putting off the work that creates value and meaningful results in your business and life?

Maybe you are putting off this work because you are afraid of failing, letting yourself down, and not fulfilling your expectations.  

The struggle is real.  So much of our important work is moved to the bottom of the list and we do not finish what we start.

I refer to this as getting in your way of achieving the consequential outcomes that you desire. Reluctantly unwilling to feel the discomfort in doing hard things. Guess what? Imagine the energy you spend thinking about putting it off is much harder than actually doing the work! 

When you put off “the important thing” and choose to keep yourself occupied with low-grade busy activities to keep your mind at ease, it satisfies the need for feeling productive.  

The lack of follow-through and finishing what you start creates more stress and mental energy expenditure than having too much to do.

So how do you get back in the game?

The ability to finish what you start requires brave and bold action.  

It equates to never feeling like doing what you should be doing. As a matter of fact, when do you ever feel like doing the thing? The ‘I can’t,’ ‘I should,’ or ‘I don’t know’ creeps in and clutters the mind with excuses reiterating why you are not good at finishing essential things. The brain tricks us into believing we can’t do it, so why even bother?

First things first – make a decision and go for it. It’s that easy. Don’t flounder. Just do it. Even if it is the ‘wrong’ decision, deciding to do something directs your mind and helps you focus on what to do next. When you are in the “I don’t know mode”, it creates confusion and a barrier between you and your intuition. Amazingly enough, the answers are within you!

Once you have decided to do it here is an essential aspect of the work required to engage in a process that will propel you forward and finish what you start.

SAY NO to distractions.

 The problem is that we live in a constant world of distractions. Distractions are everywhere. From our devices notifying we have a text, voicemail, an email, a like, reminders, these disruptions can derail our train of thought and take us out of deep focus and flow state.

Becoming aware of the distractions and saying no is a great step in finishing what you start.

Look at other areas in your life and your week where you can start saying NO too. Questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is this a priority right now?  
  • Can this be done at a different or later time?  
  • Can this be delegated to someone else?
  • Is this task/activity/project in alignment with my current goal and values?

Learn to say no to the good so that you can say yes to the best! This will help you stay on course and follow through with your work in the world.

If you are struggling with saying no and taking action in your business and life, you are in the right place. I have created a mini-course designed to help you learn how to say no to the menial tasks that take up precious time and energy within your day. You get to decide on purpose to focus on the critical projects that yield results so you can do more with your business. By the end of your day, you won’t be spinning out wondering what the heck you did all day, even though you feel completely exhausted and were legit busy all day long.

During this process, I will walk you through the steps to increase your productivity in half of the time and feel like you are accomplishing something with your effort. You will learn about the TUNE strategy and gain confidence by showing up for yourself and doing the work. Ultimately, the goal is to get more done in your business, which equates to more abundance, clients, revenue, and peace of mind.    

Watch NO to Finish Video here

By the end, you will have an organized approach to completing unfinished tasks and important work that drives results in your business.  You can apply this strategy to any task, big or small, and it doesn’t have to be part of your business or work. You can use it for a goal, a personal mission, whatever you want to accomplish! Get creative and keep in mind to strive for practice and progress over PERFECTION.  

I want to learn more!

Saying no can be challenging at first, especially if you are a chronic yes person that puts everyone else’s needs in front of your own. Start small and practice saying no.

Notice how it feels in your body and any resistance that comes up. 

When you say no to others, you are saying yes to you. This is not selfish. So drop the self-sabotage and the guilt around it. Saying yes to you fills your energy, and from this space, you can then say yes to others from a place of love and abundance, instead of out of obligation and guilt.

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