September 10

Letting Go During the Full Moon


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Letting go can be challenging because it’s easier to stay in the known and what is familiar to you.

Even if that means more suffering, worry, doubt, and fear.

Is there something you need to let go of?  Perhaps it’s a thought, a belief, a habit, a thing, or a person?

Letting go doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of something or cutting someone out of your life.  I think of it as detaching from whatever is no longer aligned with your values, who you are, and who you want to be.  It’s disconnecting from what is holding you back from moving forward even though it may feel scary.

It’s about being deliberate and placing your attention on what you want.

Tonight is the Super Full Moon in Scorpio, also known as the Flower Moon.

It is the final Supermoon in 2020.  The full moon represents heightened energy and emotions.  It may shine light on some emotional weight you have been carrying.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been mesmerized by the moon. I would lay in the grass and stare up at the sky for hours, dreaming and imagining myself in far away mystical places. The moon has always brought me a sense of soothing peace and a spark of excitement of what is yet to come in my life.  There’s something magical about the moon’s grandeur and brilliance that fills up the dark night sky.  Everything is illuminated as the beautiful beams of cleansing energy shine brightly casting a different view on the quiet world.

The full moon also presents an opportunity to embrace growth and new challenges.

I have developed different rituals in celebrating the full moon over the years.  The one ritual I have been practicing consistently is deciding what I need to let go of.

In order to create space for new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs – I need to release the ones that no longer serve me.  It may not be a thought or belief – maybe it’s a pesky habit, a relationship that needs to be addressed, a task, a list, a job, or an item in your house.

Letting go of the physical and mental clutter frees your mind of stuck energy.  It’s releasing the things that no longer provide a purpose or value to me.

Personal transformation is the continual process of letting go.

So how do you begin this process of letting go?

Usually a day or so before the Full Moon, I do a big thought download and I hand write all of the thoughts that begin with ‘I should’, ‘I can’t’, ‘Why won’t’, ‘It’s impossible’, ‘It’s too hard’, ‘I’ve never’, ‘I’ve always’.  Any sentence or phrase that keeps me stuck from moving towards my goals and purpose.  These are the types of thoughts that make me feel angry, defeated, frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed.  Then I look and see what is the one that really stands out and takes up a lot of mental bandwidth.

Recently, it’s been the self sabotage and the thought that I need to be doing something different or it’s never enough.  I am very good at beating myself up.  When this happens, I end up more angry because I am mad at myself.

So tonight, I release the need to berate and beat myself up.  I am choosing to accept what is in the moment.  There are a few more thoughts I plan on letting go, but this is the one that I keep replaying.  There’s a lot of unnecessary pressure happening in my mind with the pandemic; from planning and managing my household, becoming an overnight teacher and activities to keep my kids engaged, to what I need to do next in my business.  I am focusing a lot of my energy that can be channeled on what is actually important like being present and staying CALM (two very important intentions I have).

My simple full moon ritual entails writing what you need to let go of.  My friend and Shaman writes hers on a piece of birch bark!  Get creative if you would like – but remember part of the ritual is to release what no longer serves you.  So write out what you want to release.  You can start by writing, “I choose to release…….” or ” I let go of…..” and then crumble up the paper and release it to the Universe.  I burn my list in my fire pit or in the fireplace but if you can’t burn it, crumble it up and throw it away.

What can you release this evening under the light of the full moon?  What do you need to let go of to make more room for yourself and your life?  Take advantage of this powerful energy and start freeing yourself from any thoughts, behaviors, or negativity in your life.

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