October 4

Is Intuitive Mindset Coaching for me?

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Navigating the chaos of the unknown and the world around us can feel daunting. We continually process our external environment based on the lens we see through and the blend of experiences leading up to the present moment. Merging the stressors of life, work, relationships, parenting, health, and finances can leave us feeling exhausted, out of balance, overwhelmed, and lost.

Numerous types of support and healing modalities can guide us through a life change. Perhaps it may be seeking purpose and creating more fulfillment in ourselves. Working with an Intuitive life coach is an avenue to consider when seeking this support and guidance. When working with an Intuitive coach, they will focus on helping you gain awareness of what is happening in the present. This perspective utilizes their professional skills and intuitive insights, messages, guidance, and psychic gifts. The Intuitive coaching experience offers thought-provoking questions that challenge current thinking, limiting beliefs, patterns, and obstacles keeping you stuck and moving forward.

From this place, we can start questioning what no longer serves us and start aligning with what we want, who we want to become, and what we want to create in ourselves and in our lives.

It’s about tuning inward and acknowledging all parts of ourselves, and deciding where to focus our energy to invoke the change we are seeking within.

What happens when you start sparking the change within you? Clarity. Focus. Transformation.

When we take control of what is happening in our minds and align with our highest good, we can create infinite possibilities. Whether it’s freedom and peace in our mind, stepping into fear and going for the impossible, making a significant life decision and change, creating a new habit, or trying something new, it all begins with a thought.

Approximately 60,000 thoughts run through the human mind every day. 90% of these thoughts are repeated from yesterday and the past. Our current thinking is based on past experiences, and repeating them over and over again creates our beliefs.

These beliefs become our personality, and this is how we show up in the world. Consequently, we operate on autopilot throughout our days, believing everything our mind is telling us without ever questioning the truth behind the thought. We believe these are all simple facts about ourselves.

The good news is that we can change our thoughts and start believing new things, which yield powerful results in all aspects of our life.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

You can believe anything you want. Anything.

No matter how much information you have or what you have been told, or the situation, you are in the driver’s seat of your belief vehicle. Everything we do is based on a feeling, whether we want to achieve it or run away and hide from it. These feelings will drive us into action (or inaction), depending on what we are thinking at the moment.

So how does this relate to intuitive mindset coaching? Why not just set some goals in hopes of feeling better?

Goal setting is a powerful tool to use to accomplish hard things. We seek a specific outcome when we set a goal, and really what comes down to is achieving a certain feeling. When I accomplish X, I will feel Y. When I lose ten pounds, I will feel strong and empowered. When I pay off my debt, I will have peace of mind. When my partner listens to what I want, I will love them more.

This is the process that is missing in so many scenarios. What if you can start feeling Y now? While continuing to reach for the goal, and do it from a place of drive, fire within, and love for self. Rather than willing your way to the finish line in hopes of attaining a certain feeling.

It’s not about the goal. It’s about creating the thoughts that generate the emotions and feeling them NOW instead of waiting until you hit the significant milestone. Why delay the feeling when it’s available to us now? Instead, we end up waiting until we achieve the goal to feel whatever it is we are seeking. Then it’s on the next big or best thing without celebrating the process and accomplishment.

This is the mindset coaching piece. You are becoming the observer of your mind and deciding on purpose if the tried-and-true old way of thinking is helping you or getting in your way. It’s about learning to question the old ones and decide and chose to think new thoughts on purpose.

During the coaching journey, you will start looking at your mind and decide truth and fiction.

At first, it won’t feel right because you have become good at believing all the thoughts that you have repeated over time. Then you will start to practice new ideas that empower you to do what you want.

This requires stepping into the great big world of the unknown and allowing yourself to feel ALL the feelings, including fear, doubt, rejection, and contrary – growth, opportunity, happiness, bliss, peace, possibility, and taking action.

You are not your thoughts. You are your actions. When you start to learn how to manage your mind, you can create whatever the hell you want.

Why not align these two and start believing and creating what you want in your life?

So let’s marry the mindset and intuitive coaching and see what happens.

You are becoming the master of your mind.  Now let’s take this one step deeper and start tapping into what you want and what makes you thrive.

This is part of tapping into your intuition. The place of knowingness and your inner guiding light; like your personalized GPS telling you when to turn, when to stop, and when to keep going.

Only it’s you running the show and no one else.

It’s when your mind and body align with your energy, and there’s not much foresight, analyzing, ruminating – you just know.

Yet, so many of us are disconnected from our intuition. Instead, we walk around in autopilot, separated from what we want, what fulfills us, our purpose, and what fuels our fire. Following the narrative of someone else’s journey because we think we should be doing what others want and believe for us.

Carrying the beliefs ingrained in us from years or decades ago and not questioning them, just believing this is who we are. When you are listening within, you know the answer, and if you deviate from the course, your body will tell you. It’s like knowing without having to explain it. You know from your core being, there’s no explanation, facts, or evidence, and the energy within and around you know what to do next.

When merging thought work with your internal guidance and operating from what your highest self-desires, you are truly aligning with your essence.  Your coach will use their intuitive guidance, abilities and will hold space for you to connect with your intuition and operate from a place of love, compassion, and truth.

From this place, you make decisions aligned with your truth, your values, and what feels suitable for you.

This is when you genuinely embody self-empowerment and responsibility for YOU.

If you are ready to take a step and stop feeling lost, disconnected, and stuck, there’s no time like the present!

Latitude Wellness offers complimentary discovery sessions designed to uncover what is stopping you in your tracks and how to start thinking on purpose. It’s an excellent opportunity to see what intuitive mindset coaching is about and whether this is part of your journey. Book your free session today and start feeling good again so you can take action from a place of empowerment and focus.

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