June 27

How to Connect with your Intuition

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Did you know that when you are connected with your Intuition, you can tap into your superpower and do the things that completely light you up from a place of ease and clarity? This is where you don’t have to think about a decision – you just KNOW the answer without giving much thought to it. Yet so many of us are operating from our heads – overthinking, overdoing, and using a lot of willpower and scarcity to move forward in a way that doesn’t feel aligned with who we are.

What is Intuition?

According to Merriam Webster, “Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Our intuition is an inner knowing.

It’s our north star, guiding light or GPS if you will. Intuition is also referred to as the sixth sense, gut feeling, inner voice, or higher self. Your past experiences, your highest self, and your environment are part of this beautiful experience. When you are connected, you make decisions on a dime. Or maybe you avoided some disastrous consequence because you actually listened to that ‘gut feeling’ you had even though your logical mind was screaming at you, but you believed and trusted yourself and you were right!

You know when you are using your intuition instead of your mind when you don’t think twice about it, because you feel it in your heart and right to your core.  It’s that gut wisdom that we all have and know. This is a beautiful place to create from because you are aligned with your higher self who knows the answers that are best for you.

Sometimes you just know without really knowing or thinking about it. You may have a physiological response such as the chills, goosebumps, the hair standing up on the back of your neck. Or maybe you receive a sign in sync with divine timing. I love receiving signs; it shows us we are doing what was meant for us, as they come in many forms including number sequences, animals, people calling/or showing up out of the blue, but we must be aware and listening in the present moment.

How many times, when faced with a decision or dilemma, have you been told to just follow your gut? Go with your intuition? All the time! That’s because it’s truly awesome advice. The problem is that it’s easier said than done.

Your intuition isn’t the only voice talking to you.

The other speaker in your mind is your ego and it’s quite disruptive. Ego has such a dominant monologue running, your intuition can easily get lost in the noise. Ego always wants to be right, in the know, and have everything now. It’s impatient, needy, and whiney, like a toddler who needs to have the candy now. Ego has its place and an important job to keep us safe and alert in certain situations, however it has the tendency to stand in our way keeping us from making decisions that will move us forward in a sustainable and healthy way.

What happens when we aren’t listening? When we can’t connect with our intuition?

Here are a few signs of not listening to your intuition.

  • Feeling stuck and lacking clarity. You are unable to think clearly or opposite, paralyzed with overthinking. You can’t make any decisions and your dialogue is filled with words like should, I can’t, and I don’t.
  • Self-doubt. All the reasons and examples of why you can’t do what you want to do.
  • Limiting beliefs. These are based on the past and speaking loudly to you; recalling all the times you failed, you didn’t show up, you couldn’t meet your goal, you said something stupid, you were a terrible person, you acted like a moron, you aren’t enough, not good enough, and it’s not perfect.
  • Fear of not being liked, being judged, fear of disappointing someone, not landing the sale, fear of screwing up your day, your life, or someone else’s.
  • Always in a hurry. Or hurrying to the next big thing without acknowledging how far you have come. Impatience is a terrific sign for the need to slow down.
  • Whether it’s about you or about someone else. The not good enough(s) usually surface here, not doing enough, not feeling good enough, not enough to be doing what you are doing.
  • Distracted and overwhelmed. Can’t seem to think clearly and you are worried you will miss something – this can be masked as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). But what’s crazy is whatever you are doing, you would rather be somewhere else.
  • Afraid of failure. Unwilling to take risks and what you make failure mean about you. This feeds the ego and searches for all the times you failed.
  • Listening to everyone else’s opinions. It appears everyone else knows what is best for you and you apparently don’t know anything about what is best for you….

I could go on and on, and I am hoping you get the point here.

The first thing I want to offer is that you are not blocked from your intuition! While you may feel blocked from your inner voice, either you haven’t found it yet or have been listening to everyone else (including your ego) and are filled with the constant stream of opinions of what you SHOULD be doing. Whenever I hear should, I think something has gone wrong and it implies guilt (for me).

Keep in mind our brains ALWAYS want to answer questions, be efficient, keep us safe, and comfortable. Our mind wants to make decisions from logic and sometimes that is not where our answers lie.

When we ignore these feelings, it sets us up for others to be in control or in the driver’s seat of our own lives. Connecting with our intuition begins with listening. Knowing and understanding our ability to read and trust our body’s messages.

When we are connected with our intuition, we learn to take care of ourselves and our needs. This is not selfish! This is self-care. This is filling our cups. Then we get to do all the things and take care of those who need our help and support.

To truly listen to your intuition, you must quiet the mind and train yourself to listen.

This requires you to stop talking and disrupt the dialogue running through your mind.

Once you quiet the mind, the next step is to ask your heart. Placing one hand on the heart and one hand on the belly (or sacral space), ask the following questions:

What do I know to be true about myself in this moment?

What does my heart want in this situation?

Intuition, open to receive


Stay with it for a moment and just listen to what comes up.

If you aren’t hearing anything, give yourself space and keep going. Even if you don’t receive the answer, you are still honoring yourself by tuning inward and quieting the mind. Peace of mind is a beautiful place to be!

Your inner superpower and intelligence supports you on your path. When your mind may feel afraid, your heart knows the truth. That’s why when we make fear-based decisions, it doesn’t feel right. I am not saying that every decision should always feel good, there’s a big difference between fear coming from your ego, versus discomfort because you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

Higher self knows what needs to happen.

It’s your ego not wanting to step out and do the hard thing. I often talk about the mind always wanting us to be comfortable and safe. There’s a big difference between the two. While I have used ego as the villain here, it has its purpose and will swoop in when necessary to keep us out of harm’s way. But the thing to remember is that our brain will never want us to do anything hard, because it doesn’t feel good.

One of my favorite sayings, Discomfort is the currency for growth. You won’t be able to blow your mind by sitting on the couch and scrolling your feed. You aren’t going to do amazing things when you are sitting in front of your tv. Growth comes from honoring your intuition and aligning yourself with the next version of who you want to be.

If you are ready to step into this next version, I invite you to schedule your discovery call with me and let’s identify what is stopping you from listening within and taking massive action in your life.

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