December 10

Holiday Fatigue? Now’s the Time to Talk to a Mindset Coach

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Over the last few weeks, I have had numerous conversations with friends and colleagues about a topic that seems to keep repeating itself… and that is finding a therapist who can see clients without being on a waiting list.

Mental health is paramount, especially in our current state of the world. It pains me that people have to wait to receive the help they are seeking.

That’s what prompted me to write this post.

I am a staunch supporter of therapy. It is what carried me through my darkest times in life – cancer, divorce, career challenges, working with chronic anxiety and stress, and all the negative shit talk in my mind. Shout out to my favorite Psychologist, Rodger K in Stowe Vermont!!  My husband and I also see a marriage counselor – not because anything is wrong, because we want to continue to work on making our marriage stronger as we grow and change with all of life’s challenges.

If you are one of the people on a waiting list to see a therapist, there is an alternative solution – mindset coaching.

Full disclaimer here…. I am not advocating that you stop seeking help from a professionally licensed therapist, I am sharing ideas on other modalities that can support you in your journey and that are available to you now.

What is the difference between Life Coaching & Mindset Coaching?

As a mindset coach and energy healer, I help you focus on gaining awareness on what is happening in the present and provide perspective using a combination of professional skills, intuitive listening, and insight. I hold space for you to find your own answers and challenge you to view your thinking through a different lens. This experience offers thought provoking questions challenging current thinking and paradigms that are holding you back from tapping into your infinite potential and connecting with your highest self.

Coaching helps you look at the obstacles standing in your way and reframe those barriers into strategy. This practice encourages you to move past the limiting beliefs and daily dialogue keeping you from taking action and feeling so down and stuck all the time.  When we get in our head and in our way, it feels as though we are carrying the weight of the world. It feels frustrating, exhausting, and very lonely in this place.

By taking this step, you will get out of your head and into your life by thinking deliberately. What this means is that you turn off autopilot and start noticing the sentences happening in your mind. Choosing to think on purpose, you will start to feel better and take responsibility for what is in your control and from a place of empowerment. Instead of waiting for someone else to do something that will make you feel a certain way. This is where life coaching comes into play – setting goals and taking massive action. Before jumping into the goal setting process, we take a step back and look at what is happening in the mind before venturing into the land of what’s possible. I call it taking care of your mental hygiene.

How is mindset coaching different than therapy?

In tradition therapy, the focus is often on the past and the problems that incurred through experiences. In coaching, we don’t comb through and belabor the past. We focus on the now – the present moment in real time and extract the thoughts running the show. This is where the fun begins! Knowing the root of the pain (a simple thought about the past/present), we dig a little deeper to see if that is something you want to continue to believe or change it. Thoughts create feelings, feelings drive action.

This work not only brings awareness to your current ways of thinking and being, it offers a new perspective in changing the narrative that is taking up precious energy in the background. No wonder we feel so tired and irritated after spinning out thinking all the things that are wrong! From this new informed place of awareness, you get to decide what is truth (the facts) and what is fiction, the made up bs that you have been believing about yourself and the judgement of the crappy thinking about you and your life.

Change is difficult, how can I implement this work so I can start feeling better?

At first it won’t feel right because you have become really good at believing all the thoughts you have repeated over time, thus the narrative.  This is the story you have been repeating to yourself about yourself. It’s based on a series of experiences that have left an imprint in your mind, body, and the energetic body (chakras).

Guess what? How you view your story is typically of “what is” and the acceptance of who you are and how you are supposed to be. Where we often miss the mark is questioning the narrative. These beliefs create our identity and changing our identity seems like climbing a mountain in the most miserable conditions. So we continue thinking we can’t do the thing, we aren’t worthy, we aren’t good enough, don’t deserve x,y,z, and feel really bad about ourselves because of our thinking.

You have the power to change the narrative and start feeling better right now. Take back your mind and start living and thinking on purpose through intention and action. Working with a mindset coach will help you take these steps, meet you where you are at, hold space and support you the entire way. The only way to get better is to practice your new way of thinking. Just like honing your musical skills when learning how to play an instrument, practice thinking new thoughts is no different.

The Best of Both Worlds: Mindset Coaching + Therapy

Many of my clients combine coaching and therapy and it is amazing to see the transformation happen in much less time. By becoming the observer of your mind and deciding on purpose if the tried-and-true old way of thinking is helping you or getting in your way, coaching will provide a perspective that will blow your own mind.

Give Yourself the Best Gift this Holiday (or a loved one)

The best project you can work on is YOU, because when you are better, everything around you is better. Don’t wait until the New Year to get started. You can approach the holiday season from a place of calm, peace and presence.  This includes a fresh perspective to do all the things you want to do without guilt and the pressure to say yes to everyone else. Wherever you are on your path; seeking support in getting out of your head or simply wanting to create better results in your life, let Latitude Wellness be the guiding light in helping you master your mind and take great care of yourself during the most wonderful time of the year.

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