February 8

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes


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Are you aware of the connection between your attention and your energy? Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, is one of my favorite sayings and a good reminder when feeling distracted, overwhelmed, confused, or stuck in the I don’t know cycle. Being in the state of confusion and overwhelm not only impacts our ability to make decisions, it’s downright exhausting.

It’s hard as hell to take action when you are feeling spent, hopeless, and when your cup is empty.

Confusion also gives us an excuse to avoid taking risk in order to grow and evolve.  It allows us to fail ahead of time without even giving whatever it is that we want a chance. Sometimes it is necessary to just sit with whatever is happening in your mind and body and allow it to be there.  However, if this is your MO most days, I invite you to challenge your mind and break free from the stuck.

If you are stuck in the land of confusion, try this little trick..

Ask yourself this very simple question:

Where is my attention right now?

  • Am I wallowing in doubt and thinking about the past?
  • Am I focused on the mountain of to-do’s and how much work I need to accomplish?
  • Or ruminating on all of things I am not doing or haven’t done therefore triggering my inner critic and feeling less than and not enough?

Congratulations if you answered yes to any of these. It means your brain is working the way it suppose too. Our minds are naturally wired for negativity in order to prepare ourselves for the worst possible scenario.

You can also use this as an opportunity to notice your energy when you are in this space.  If you are focusing on the negative and what isn’t going well, you will be in a lower vibrational state, ie feeling negative emotion.  Whatever you are feeling will create that result, so expecting to create something amazing from this crappy state is a long shot.

Let me put it this way, if you are focusing your attention on everything you haven’t done or accomplished and still expect to finish the blog, the paper, the book, reach your weight goal, run the 10k, met your dream partner yet, you are operating from a place of scarcity. Even if you do accomplish these things, you aren’t going to feel any better.  Chances are, you will continue chasing from this place of lack and loathing.

I implore you to challenge your current thinking and mindset because you are not your thoughts.

You can question whatever your mind is throwing to you.

So once you answered the question honestly, next question you can ask…

Where do I WANT to focus my attention?

Notice the difference between the word WANT vs. Need.  Need implies must, should, and urgency.  When we are in a hurry to get to whatever point we need to, we are missing the golden opportunity of joy, contentment, satisfaction, and maybe the lesson that goes along with the experience. Chances are if you are making the same mistake repeatedly, you haven’t learned the lesson and you are probably thinking the same crappy thoughts expecting the outcome to be different.

When you reframe to what do I want, the energy shifts and you bring the focus and power back to you.  When you are in your power, you have clarity and the ability to connect to your higher self.  It may not provide you with the instant gratification of feeling better in the moment, however your internal compass, also known as your intuition, kicks in and you can make choices that are in alignment with who you want to be.

Are you clear about what it is that you want?

So many of us are so stuck in what we don’t want, we lose sight of what we are seeking.

We get wrapped up in noticing everything that isn’t going right or what isn’t going as planned. Going back to where is your attention. Wherever your attention is, that is where you are focusing your ENERGY towards. If you are constantly thinking about where you are falling short, you are going to feel terrible and STUCK.

If you want an organized work space or home..

Want to engage in more meaningful conversations..

Want to take better care of yourself..

Really go all in on your goal..

Focus on the quality of your work or school work…

Pick one thing and get specific. Get clear on what you want. Feel into it. What is your energy like when you allow yourself to dream about what it is that you want?

There’s nothing wrong with you. Many of your perceived problems are made up in your mind because you aren’t clear about what we want to have.  Feeling stuck and confused is our mind’s way of keeping us safe from the proverbial lion waiting around the corner.

You can break through the stuck, just follow your attention..

Start focusing your attention on the things that ignite the feelings that will drive action. Stop berating yourself over what didn’t go well or happen. Focus on what you can control, what has GONE well, and what you can learn from what hasn’t.

Watch in awe as your energy shifts. It’s really cool to observe as you transform your energy and your day.

Here’s to Living on Purpose,


If you are ready to get out of your way and experience the change within you, let’s talk about how you can start focusing on what you want. Don’t worry about the how you will get there, it will all unfold the way its supposed to. Just show up and get ready to transform your mind and your energy!  Book your free Latitude Wellness Discovery Session and ditch the confusion.

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