October 25

Done vs. Perfect


What feels more important to you? Completing a satisfactory task from start to finish, or having it PERFECT and taking three times as long or even worse, incomplete?

Yes I am talking to all of you high achieving perfectionists that end up procrastinating on the important work you are meant to do in your day, your week, and in your life.

How many times have you put something off because the timing wasn’t right or you needed to collect more information, materials, and gather your thoughts?

Maybe you find yourself throwing your hands up and quitting because it isn’t what you expected or you aren’t feeling it anymore.

You are ruminating over every word, minute detail, and whether or not people are going to like it.

In your state of procrastination, thoughts buzz through your mind:

I don’t know what to do next.

I can’t finish anything.

I don’t know-how.

What if this isn’t what I expected?

I am a failure.

I can’t produce the quality of work I want.

Then the worry sets in about whether it’s going to work out exactly as we want, as planned, and scrutinizing every detail.

We fail ahead of time because this way, we know we will not make any mistakes. Everything is calculated, and there is less risk for disappointment and discomfort, so why bother moving forward with the project?

Follow-through requires brave action, which means getting out of your head and your comfort zone.

You will not feel like doing it. Likely, you will never feel like doing it.

While we may believe we want it perfect, realistically how many projects fail to launch, or tasks go unfinished because of the need for perfectionism?

Whatever you end up procrastinating on is probably messing with your mind and keeping you from showing up with purpose.  No wonder why we lack motivation and end up wallowing in the black hole of gloom.

If you feel like you are procrastinating on something important, you aren’t alone!

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End Procrastination

Here are a few tips to help you work through the feeling of paralysis and procrastination:

Write out what needs to happen & set a deadline. When you write it out on paper, you are already taking action (getting it out of your head). Set a deadline for yourself and define what is acceptable for you. While you are at it, schedule it into your calendar and really make it official. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you determine these things ahead of time.

Commit to the decision.  Ask yourself why you want to do this. Think about how your life or work (or someone else’s life) will improve or change. Then make the decision and don’t look back! So many of us focus on whether it’s right or wrong – that leads us back into the mode of indecision.

Tell yourself you can do it. Don’t skip this step. Use I AM & I CAN statements to reinforce your ability to take action even when you don’t feel like it. Repeat as many times as possible. Sounds simple, but words have an energetic vibration and have the ability to change your state of mind which will change the feeling.

Move forward with intention on wanting the outcome.  Visualize yourself taking action and who you are being in the moment. How do you want to show up? What are you doing? Who is involved? IF you are afraid of moving forward, ask what is the best-case scenario, what is the worst?

Drop the worry, the what ifs, and focus on the NOW. When you worry, you are creating fabricated scenarios that take up your precious energy. Where you could be applying that energy on what is right in front of you. From this place, you can start thinking about the possibilities that will open up for you because you have freed up space in your mind to create more of what you want.

We are constantly creating our reality through our thoughts and actions. When you choose to think on purpose, go all in and have your back, you will create what you want from a place of clarity and focus. It’s okay to feel fear! Keep taking one step at a time and remember DONE is Better than Perfect.

If you are ready to finish the important work you started and build the trust in yourself to get the job done, let’s talk. I will walk you through how to create the beliefs that support you taking action even when you don’t feel like it.

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Here’s to living and thinking on purpose,

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