July 11

Change your Mindset, Change your LIFE


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Do you know that you can literally change the path of your life by focusing on this one thing? What if I told you what you think, you will create? Everything happening in your mind will become your reality; it all begins with your thoughts. This is why changing your mindset will change your life.

It seems like we are constantly looking for a quick and easy fix to our perceived problems. Take a pill and lose ten pounds. Take another pill and feel better. Take this course and make $100,000. The promises of rapid solutions are rampant. I personally don’t believe in quick fixes because they are not (typically) sustainable. Do this for 21 days and you will feel amazing. Yes, you will feel good temporarily but if you are not addressing what is happening in your mind and looking at your belief system, you will fall back to old ways of being.

One way to become more aware of your patterns is to look at the changes you have made in the last year. Notice if these changes have become part of your routine and who you are or if they slowly fizzled away. Are you repeating certain behavioral patterns and lessons that haven’t been learned? If this is a yes, there is good news for you! You can address all the above by what you are allowing into your mind AND believing it to be your truth.

Repeating I am a terrible Mom,

Not a good friend,

Not good at communicating,

Horrible with money,

Wondering what is wrong with me,

Full of doubt and anxiety,

Never going to get out of my way,

Can’t get going or motivated,

Lack consistency (this has been mine lately)…

Bad at following through,

Can’t stop snacking, drinking, gambling, smoking, shopping….

Whatever it is you repeat to yourself will form your belief and eventually your identity. Then your mind goes to work because it wants to conserve energy, feel safe and comfortable, so it looks for the evidence to support the belief.

Let’s use my current mindset as an example.

Not only have I been repeatedly thinking this, I have been telling people about my lack of consistency. In essence, I am confirming what I believe and then when I haven’t been following through with what I wanted to be more consistent with, I keep telling myself – see I told you so (and reading this out loud sounds ridiculous). Why bother changing when you have convinced yourself otherwise? We tend to hang onto our beliefs as they are our written manifesto or scripture. Why not challenge it and ask the simple question, is this true? Do I want to believe this? Of course my answer is no. I know that when I show up consistently, I am a better human.

What to do to change this mindset?

Everything you are seeking to change begins with the want and why.

Why do I want to be consistent? Over time, consistency (for me) is what drives growth and success. I want to use the word success in the context of feelings and energy because in my mind that is what success means to me. You can have all the things, awards, accolades and still feel miserable and unworthy. This is not an external outcome for me – when I am consistent, my mind, body, and spirit are connected. I flow with ease even when I am working hard. Nothing feels like a struggle, I know I can handle challenges with grace and stamina because I show up for myself daily. It also helps me with my discipline because motivation is finite and there are days (majority) when I don’t want to do anything, Consistency builds the discipline muscle!

The next step is about awareness.

Having the awareness of your current thoughts and habits is crucial – you won’t be able to shift if you aren’t aware of what is happening in the present. What this means is that you turn off autopilot and start noticing the sentences happening in your mind and come back to the present moment – the now. Your true point of power.

Next step is being honest with yourself. When you blame others or outside circumstances, you are giving away your power. This is when you lose motivation and rely on others to either let you off the hook, shirk your responsibility, or confirm the crappy belief that is holding you back. Waiting for someone to confirm and validate your decisions will not make you feel better. When you are honest, you take control and responsibility for your results. Don’t like what you see? You have the power to change it with your mindset.

This is where practice is essential. Taking inventory of the sentences running through your mind and asking is this true? Is this what I want to think and believe?

Your thoughts create your feelings and feelings drive action or inaction. Action creates results. You are not what you think, you are the actions you take. It all starts with your mindset.

Are you following through with your word to yourself? If you are, you are creating your life by design by thinking deliberately on purpose. When you choose to think on purpose, you will start to feel better and take responsibility for what is in your control and from a place of empowerment.

This mindset work not only brings awareness to your current ways of thinking and being, it offers a new perspective in changing the narrative that is taking up precious energy in the background. No wonder we feel so tired and irritated after spinning out thinking all the things that are wrong! From this new informed place of awareness, you get to decide what is truth (the facts), what is fiction, the made up bullsh&t that you have been believing about yourself, and the judgement of the crappy thinking about you and your life.

As a mindset coach and energy healer, I help you focus on gaining awareness of what is happening in the present and provide perspective using a combination of professional skills, intuitive listening, and insight. I hold space for you to find your own answers and challenge you to view your thinking through a different lens. This experience offers thought provoking questions challenging current thinking and paradigms that are holding you back from tapping into your infinite potential and connecting with your highest self.

Mindset coaching helps you look at the obstacles standing in your way and reframe those barriers into strategy. This work will truly change your life if you are willing to show up for yourself, feel discomfort, and evolve into the next version of the amazing person you are.

Change the narrative and let the story unfold in a way that serves and empowers you to take action in your mind and your life. I wrote about how you can start changing the narrative below!

You are the Story you tell yourself

Your Guide to a Spiritual Transformation

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