August 8

Power of Belief: Opening Yourself to Possibility

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Happy Lion’s Gate 8/8/2022! The actual portal has been open since July 26th and will end on the 12th.

What does this mean? Every year, the star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky aligns with Earth during the heart of Leo season.

This alignment creates a powerful portal of energy. Think possibility, opportunity, and going big on your beliefs.

Power of Belief

Get ready for light upgrades and raising your vibration in support of growth, evolution, amazing endeavors, and becoming the next version of yourself.

All of this sounds amazing, right?

While change is inevitable, and growth is optional, it doesn’t equate to ever being easy.

Let’s be honest here, change and growth are hard.

However, we can still let go while holding space for compassion, grace, and exploration on our journey.

Lately, I have been experiencing overwhelm and restlessness. I am working on a big project and let me tell you – it is challenging me like no other.

Every shroud of doubt, insecurity, and questioning the right and wrongs in my decision making process is surfacing. Just when you think you have expanded past your limitations, a new challenge will arise, and shake you and your belief system at a whole other level.

This is when the power of belief is truly tested.

You must believe in who you are and what you are doing and continually remind yourself that you can do this.

No Matter What.

The power of belief begins with you and what is happening in your mind.

If you are full of doubt and telling yourself you are going to fail, miss the mark, or it’s not going to be good enough, that is how you will show up. You set the energy based on what you are thinking.

Creating the change from this vibration is completely achievable, however it’s not going to feel good, nor will you cross the proverbial finish line with contentment and satisfaction. In other words, you have the power to choose how you want to feel in the now – instead of waiting to attain some milestone. It starts with your belief.

So why not start believing in YOU, what you can control, how you can show up, and take action.

When I am feeling out of alignment and need a reframe in my beliefs, I journal on these questions below (please note this happens more frequently that I like to admit and getting curious is always helpful):

  • Where do I want to focus my attention (energy flows where attention goes)?
  • How do I want to show up today (Set your intention)!
  • What do I need to believe about myself in order to show up?
  • In response to the question above – what do I need to let go of in order to believe?

Focus attention: Last week, I was totally stuck in blame mode unable to take full responsibility for my decisions. My attention was focused on all the reasons why I was wasting my time and effort on something that I wasn’t truly believing in. I took a big leap on this project and as I mentioned earlier is challenging my belief system and my perceived limitations. It took me some time to work through it including having a fit, buffering, and refusing to look at what was triggering the doubt and what was happening in my mind. I kept telling myself to focus on what I could control. Before I made this decision, I was focusing my attention on everything that was going wrong instead of what could possibly go right. I am telling you this shift opens you up to new ideas and ways of thinking, not to mention opportunities outside of your tunnel vision. I have no regrets on going through the process to get to the other side, however having awareness on where you are focusing your attention is incredibly helpful.

Set Intention: When you deliberately decide to show up as .. confident, clear, focused, open, willing, compassionate, to listen more, find joy and contentment, etc, you are directing your brain and taking control of how YOU want to show up. It’s simple – set your intention daily!

Intention is energy and vibes don’t lie. For example, if you walk into a room of people after having an argument with your partner, they will feel your energy without you saying a word. If you come into the present moment with your awareness and decide, I forgive myself and my partner and want to move on – you will step into that energy, instead of carrying it in your aura for everyone to see and feel it. BE the energy you want to attract!

Belief in self: Like setting your intention, you can believe whatever you want about yourself. Remember if you are feeling guilt, shame, not good enough, insecure – this is all low vibrational energy. These feelings are not going to move you towards stepping into your power and facing your fears. They will perpetuate feeling stuck, unmotivated, confused, and helpless. Important side note!  It is OKAY to feel these emotions. We all go through it, and nothing has gone wrong. However, you get to decide what you want to believe. I often say to myself and to my clients – what is the downside in believing hard in yourself? Why not go there and see what happens? Remember you have the power to believe ANYTHING you want.

Visualization is another effective tool in helping you tap into your beliefs. You can visualize yourself with these new beliefs. Take a moment and close your eyes – what are you doing? How are you feeling as you imagine yourself in this new space? How are you showing up with this new belief? What is better in your life? How does it feel in your body?

When you wake up in the morning, think about your new belief. Repeat it. Look in the mirror and say it yourself. Your mind will start supporting your belief by looking for signs all around you. You will start making decisions in support of your new beliefs and take action from this inspiring and exciting place.

Let GO of: I feel like I am constantly asking myself this question. I ask my clients what they can let go of during our reiki + energy healing sessions, and during client coaching sessions, because it is so damn important. Transformation is the continual process of letting go. What thoughts, habits, actions and physical things can you let go of in order to move forward?

This is hard for a lot of us to ponder. We white knuckle the past afraid of what will happen to us without the story or the belief. When it feels scary and you are about to go over the edge but feel compelled to keep going (thank you intuition), you are where you need to be in order to evolve. We don’t create miracles sitting on the sidelines watching in comfort as others work their magic. We do this by believing in ourselves, our abilities, and trusting the path forward. Letting go of knowing the how and every step along the way will open you up to possibilities and consequently more belief in YOU. Imagine that!

I say all of this with compassion and as a big reminder – like billboard big – of what I need to do for me. I don’t just write this stuff and retreat to my hiding place. I write this as a reminder that the power of belief will move mountains and help you achieve the impossible. I wrote a similar post about going all in and believing in yourself here.

If you are ready to step into your power and go all in believing in YOU, book your discovery session and see what possibilities are available to you now. Changing your beliefs doesn’t have to be laborious if you have someone to walk beside you and support your steps in your amazing transformational journey.

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