September 8

The Benefits of Reiki

How Reiki can benefit you!

Earlier this year, I joined an amazing group of business professionals where we meet once a week to discuss our businesses and learn more about what we do and how we can help each other grow.

While intuitive mindset coaching and thought work are the bread and butter of my business, Latitude Wellness, and what I could talk about all day long, I also have my jam.  Which is something that I LOVE to do and don’t get a chance to talk very much about, and that is Reiki.

You have probably heard of it, or know someone who has received Reiki, but many people glaze over when I start talking about energy balancing, the chakras, and how Reiki can benefit them.

Instead of going into detail about what Reiki is, I wanted to talk about how Reiki can benefit you, your friends, and your family.

Reiki, pronounced “Ray – Kee”, is a Japanese word that translates into universal life-force energy, also known as spiritual energy.

‘Rei’ translates as soul or universal wisdom, higher intelligence, source or God.

‘Ki’ is life force energy which flows through all living beings.

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, and relaxing form of energy balancing and healing. While many people refer to it as energy healing, the Reiki energy stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  The energy is channeled through a grounded practitioner and is used to balance, harmonize, and encourage the flow of energy throughout the body.

Your energy can stagnate in the body leading to illness, pain, and emotional distress.  When you receive Reiki, the energy is directed by your highest self to whatever areas of the body need attention.  Whether it is letting go of old thoughts and beliefs, releasing pain in the physical body, opening up your heart for new connections, addressing anxiety, depression, or tuning inward to what your true needs are, Reiki can help with all of it.

This holistic practice addresses the ‘whole’ body; the mind, physical body, emotions, spirit, the aura, and the chakras. It helps clear and balance any blockages aligning the energy pathways to allow life force energy to move freely throughout the body.

What happens when energy is free to move through the body?

  • More mental clarity
  • The ability to look at your situation from a new perspective
  • Deeper connection with your intuition (which always knows the answer for you)
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain alleviation
  • Improved sleep
  • Ability to relax and calm the mind and body
  • Peace, love, and contentment
  • Restore & balance the chakras (your energy centers)
  • Healing from an injury or illness

These are just a few of the benefits of Reiki.


Reiki is a wonderful accompaniment to add to your self-care routine, holistic health journey, address pain alleviation, tension, and stress, or dive deeper into your spiritual path.  While Reiki is used in harmony with other modalities, it is not to replace your current medical treatment and programs!

When the chakras are spinning freely and we are showing up as authentic version of ourselves, we will attract whatever we are vibrating out into the universe; whether that is high vibe energy such as abundance, joy, connection, gratitude or lower vibe energy – fear, loathing, anxiety, and overwhelm.

In my Reiki practice at Latitude Wellness, I have helped my clients with headaches, concussions, back, shoulder, knee, hip and neck pain, insomnia, tendonitis, anxiety, loss, heartache, insecurity, work stress, feeling stuck, out of balance & alignment, healing from an injury and illness, and overall wellbeing.

Reiki also helps you relax and tune into your intuition.  Perhaps you are seeking an answer or need clarity on something that has been pulling you in a different direction.  When you are open to receive, you may find the answers you are looking for during or after a session.

Everyone experiences Reiki in their own unique way. 

 So what exactly do you need to know and/or expect before you have a reiki session?  If you are receiving in person Reiki with Latitude Wellness:

  • Reiki sessions are 60 or 90 minutes in length (this includes the time you arrive to the time you leave)
  • Clients lay on a heated (optional) massage table under a sheet or blanket
  • Clients are encouraged to relax and be open to receive
  • Clients may fall asleep, go into a different zone or dimension, meditate, go into trance, talk – there is no wrong way to receive Reiki as it always flows for your highest good.
  • There is time after the reiki session (90 minute session) to discuss anything that came up for the client and any intuitive messages that I am called to share.
  • I provide essential oils, crystals, singing bowls, and other healing tools and modalities to enhance the client’s Reiki experience. All of course are optional and always asked prior to the experience.It is Latitude Wellness’ objective to provide a comfortable, calm, and safe space for clients to receive what they need on their healing journey.

Are you ready to book your reiki session? Let’s do this!  You can book your in person session here.  Not in the Reno Area?  You can receive reiki anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own space!

Latitude Wellness is located in Midtown Reno. Reiki sessions are by appointment only. 

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