July 8

Clearing Energetic Clutter


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Heavy Energy Out, Positive Energy In: Expert Tips on How to Cleanse an Apartment and Create a Peaceful Space

Latitude Wellness was featured in the Redfin blog highlighting ways to clear negative energy in your personal and sacred living space. Whether it’s feeling the aftermath of an unpleasant guest and wanting to clear the air (yes negative vibes linger) or perhaps negative energy latched onto you after an intense day at the office or returning from the store. You want your home to feel like a retreat with uplifting, grounded, and blissful energy, versus clutter that just weighs everything down.

The article highlights ways to clear your sacred space using traditional and alternative clearing practices from practitioners, healers, and experts from across the globe. Below is the excerpt featuring yours truly of Latitude Wellness.

Clutter represents stuck energy, and eliminating the piles of paper, clothing, and random stuff will release the energy accumulating and lurking beneath the surface. Setting up a crystal protection grid of black tourmaline and clear quartz around the inside corners of your space will absorb negative energy and provide powerful protection from energy drainers. When smudging with white sage, set an intention for clearing any negative energy not in alignment with the mood of the space. If you’re seeking a Zen tone, state it out loud and then end with, “and so it is!” –Latitude Wellness

Read more tips on how to clear the negative vibes, beings, and heaviness here.

Speaking of clutter, I have been putting forth effort in reducing my physical clutter as it is indicative of what is happening in my mental and psychic space. Clutter is a disorderly heap or assemblage or litter.  It is also a state or condition of confusion.  The latter of the two resonates with me because clutter represents stuck energy.

It has a significant impact on your thoughts, productivity, and consequently, the lack of motivation to do anything about it.  Your external world reflects your internal world and the basic principle applies that you need to clear out the old so you can welcome the new.  This could range from old furniture, clothing, gadgets, paper, household items, to friends, THOUGHTS, old beliefs, money, your calendar and schedule, habits, unrealistic expectations for yourself or other people, and your pantry.

Clearing the clutter is one of the first exercises we do in my coaching program.

When you are seeking to make a change in your life, it will require more mental energy because the brain is being challenged with something new, as it is no longer on autopilot.  The old thoughts and habits may also be using unnecessary energy that can be applied to the new and believe me – you are going to need as much as possible because everything you want is within your reach.

It doesn’t have to be complicated although we tend to build up this image of drastic change equates to massive effort.  So save yourself a lot of agony and stop thinking that way. Make it as easy as possible and set yourself up for success.  You can start with addressing the clutter in your life.  Pick one area and take one small step.  It could be as simple as organizing your sock drawer. Read more about how to clear clutter in a post I wrote a few years ago, here.

When you clear the physical clutter, you start noticing an internal shift.

The feeling of overwhelm will begin to subside.  I love the quote, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  To me this equates to being organized and maintaining a sense of peace in my inner and outer world. Plus you get to reap the benefits of more time because you won’t be spending it looking for whatever item that is lost in the pile.

Of course the whole point of this article is to create a peaceful environment in your personal space. Clearing physical clutter and smudging your space on a regular basis will help you maintain those good vibes!

Happy cleansing and here’s to experiencing more peace in your mind, your home, and in your life!

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