February 25

The Power of Belief


In my office, I have a white board on my wall with the word BELIEVE in all caps. Its’s a reminder to keep going with my beliefs and question the ones that are keeping me from evolving.

What if you started believing in yourself? Making a conscious choice to believe in you, your abilities, and what you can create. Committing to believing that you can overcome any obstacle standing between you and your dreams, no matter how hard it feels or out of reach it seems to you in the present moment.

What does believing mean to you?

Whatever you want to create in your life starts with a thought. Repeated enough times, it will become your belief and eventually your identity. Couple this with knowing what it is that you want (clarity) and becoming crystal clear on that want will help you create what you desire. So many of us are focused on what we don’t want, we have lost sight on what fuels our souls.

If you are thinking you are not smart enough, not good enough to be with someone, can’t manage your money, suck at parenting, you are too reserved, not social enough, a horrible speaker, you start subscribing to that thought and seek evidence around you to encourage your beliefs. This is what our brain is wired to do. Find solutions for efficiency and to support whatever is happening in our mind. It also wants us to stay safe and questioning old ways of thinking disrupts that safety net.

In other words, continually thinking and repeating crappy thoughts, you will prove to yourself that you are not enough, will always be in debt, and will never find your partner. Or maybe during your next meeting, you lose your concentration (because you are thinking how horrible you are at speaking) and confirm your belief to be truth. Your brain will be like – see I told you that you suck. What does this lead to? More of the same. The inability to change into who you want to be. You may be able to will your way to change, however it won’t be sustainable because you haven’t changed your beliefs and eventually those beliefs will bring you back to where you loathe being.

The crazy thing is that we believe everything we think to be gospel or truth.

This is how I became a mindset coach. I was tired of the narrative playing repeatedly in my mind. Not ever being enough, having enough, and doing enough. Never enough time, money, resources, not to mention the doubt I had because I was navigating a new chapter in my professional life and becoming an entrepreneur. I don’t talk much about my past; especially old identities I had in my professional career before I embarked in coaching and energy healing. My past job was managing a large nonprofit organization. While I appeared to have a positive outlook and demeanor from an external perspective, I was highly anxious, stressed out, worried and a chronic people pleaser. I believed in others’ opinions about my abilities and decisions more than I valued my own. Let me tell you, this way of being was completely exhaustive, unhealthy, and terrible for my confidence. Regardless, I was high functioning and achieving but paid a lofty price in my health and relationships.

I invite you to take a moment and notice what your current beliefs are. Are they supporting your dreams and goals or are they holding you back from becoming and achieving who you want to be?

This goes back to clarity. When you are clear about what you want or who you want to become, you can start taking action and direct your attention from a place of authenticity, truth, and abundance. We say we want to be debt free, want to find a new job, a partner in life, or seek purpose and more fulfillment, however it feels impossible because we are looking at our past to create something we have never done before. This is where belief is the golden nugget that will change your entire way of thinking. Read more about the connection of clarity and energy flow in a recent blog post here.

Changing our beliefs may seem like an endless slog of misery and effort, however, it’s not as difficult as you think.

A realistic way to start (because I am all about practicality) is to put pen to paper and write down your current thoughts and beliefs. You can’t change something If you don’t know what it is that needs the change! Understanding what you are currently thinking and releasing it out of your mind and energy field and onto paper is the first step.

Like anything new, practice is an essential component for creating new beliefs. At first your mind will want to resist the new thought. So try it on like you would try on a new pant style. It may feel awkward in the beginning but walk around with it. Say it out loud. Write it out one or 100 times. Practice practice practice.

Remember you have the power to believe ANYTHING you want.  Visualize yourself believing these new thoughts. What are you doing? How are you feeling as you imagine yourself in this new space?  How are you different with this new belief? What will change in your life for the better.

Visualizing the new belief and engaging the senses creates a new reality for your life.

When you wake up in the morning, think about your new belief. Repeat it. Look in the mirror and say it yourself. Your brain will start supporting the belief by looking for signs all around you. You will start making decisions in support of your new beliefs and take action from this inspiring and exciting place.

When you change your beliefs, you change your life. Get ready to change your world. It is truly amazing.

If you are ready to change your current beliefs and aren’t sure about doing it on your own, book your discovery session and see what possibilities are available to you now. Changing your beliefs doesn’t have to be laborious if you have someone to walk beside you and support your steps in this transformational journey.

Believe in You

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