September 9

No Sweat No Frills Easy Workout


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An easy no sweat workout that is simple and effective to get you moving without the sweat and complicated moves.

We are in the midst of summer. All I can say is my routine and any kind of structure for improvement in productivity is out the door.  Summer is supposed to be EASY and carefree!

Working from home is amazing.

Working from home when your kids are on school break is challenging.

However, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

In addition to not complying with my non-negotiables (see blog post here) and feeling like I’m lacking focus and direction, my body decided to throw me another curve ball.  While boating with friends on Lake Tahoe, I experienced a photo allergic reaction to sunscreen with the chemical oxybenzone.  The reaction caused a painful red rash with hundreds of blisters covering my arms, chest and legs.  In addition to the itching sensation and the heat radiating from my body, spending any time outdoors or participating in sweat inducing physical activity is ill advised as it exacerbates the symptoms.

Rather than wallowing in my sorrows (because it could be so much worse),  I channeled my creativity and designed a quick no-sweat easy workout that engages and stretches my core and major muscle groups.  After procrastinating for over two hours knowing I had to write a report for an upcoming meeting and prepare for some client work, I literally sat at my desk doing all of ‘things’ that waste my time and energy.  I was in dire need of a quick pick me up to get me out of my lull and a third cup of coffee was not an option.

My No Sweat No Frills Easy Workout consists of body weight exercises so they can be done anywhere.  I incorporated some kettlebell swings, so if you have kettlebells handy, break them out!  Otherwise you could use a medicine ball or skip the swings/medicine ball throws and still get your heart rate up.

The easy workout is approximately 15 minutes long depending on how many sets you do.

For the warm-up, I started with 5 sun salutations, however do whatever warm up you are comfortable with and make sure you cool down with some self-myofascial release massage – also known as SMR or foam rolling.

I love the challenge of creating new combinations of exercises and workouts.  It is one of the reasons why I studied to become a certified personal trainer. There are hundreds of ways to move your body, increase strength and overall health and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Mix it up.  Keep it simple.  Get moving.  Have fun and SMILE.

Here’s the Easy Workout:

20 – Kettlebell Swings
15 – Push-ups
20 – Reverse Crunches
15 – Tricep Dips
25 – Air Squats
60 sec Flutter Kicks (on back)
20 – Glute Bridges
60 sec Plank

REPEAT 1-4 Sets


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