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I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. When I first started my sessions I felt so hopeless with everything. I couldn't stop crying and as you know, my panic attacks were numerous. With all of your help I don't even recognize the person in the mirror. She is so confident in herself and her thoughts. She is also so calm and in control of her anxiety. Who would've thought!

I couldn't be more grateful for your coaching as I sit here and reflect on the year. I feel ready to conquer the world, but more importantly I am grateful for you. Your support and care means more to me than you know.
- Jade Singleton
Alexis is truly a hidden gem! She helped me uncover and eliminate countless obstacles that held me back daily. The lifelong tools she gave me were obvious and easy to comprehend, but I'd never been able to put them in motion or utilize them effectively until working with Alexis. Multiple areas of my life were filled with irritation, drama, fear and anxiety. Alexis helped me uncover the source of all these feelings and simply leave them as just that... "feelings." I am now able to decide on purpose how I want to feel and react towards any situation. I am no longer held down by dwelling on upsetting situations. I am actively accomplishing goals I previously failed at by implementing proper boundaries and guidelines. I am so thankful for everything Alexis has help me learn so much about myself and am beyond grateful she has provided me tools to sustain life long happiness! I can't recommend working with her enough!
- Dezma Lewis
My experience with Latitude Wellness is really nothing short of life changing. I was hesitant to sign up for the 90 day coaching program, primarily because I just had no idea how to commit to self-care for 90 days. With the encouragement of my partner, I went ahead and did the free consultation and I knew this is what I needed to do. Alexis is a very talented and compassionate life coach who approaches her practice with intelligence and purpose. When we started our 90 day journey, I was feeling very lost, very tired, under water. I was feeling irrelevant and I simply did not know how to find the real me again.

Throughout the 90 days, we set goals, which I met and then we set new goals to help me implement the awesome work we did well into the next year. Through coaching, I found my confidence again and I found peace. And with that, I found a renewed energy. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds during our 90 days and here in my 11th week, I am just shy of that goal. I should be crossing that finish line in our final week. But well beyond that weight loss, I learned to live back in joy, I feel far more centered as a parent, as a partner. and as a professional. I'm very grateful for this program and the talent of Alexis as a coach.
- Shannon Regan
I held on to Alexis’s card for a few months thinking I need help, but like starting a diet, I was hesitant to get started. From our first life coaching session, I knew I had made the right choice. Working with Alexis, I learned to identify the perceptions and behaviors that were stifling me without dissecting the past. We focused on the present and where I wanted to go, which sounds so simple, but until you realize there is potential to change, it is hard to know where you want to go. I love that Alexis offers both life coaching and physical training because a health of mind and body are so intwined. She understood my physical challenges (and there were many) and she is a master at designing a training program to build lasting strength and balance. After just a few weeks, she had me doing things that I had not done in years. I feel so fortunate to work with Alexis – my life has blossomed.
- Connie Christiansen
Alexis brought the beautiful power of Reiki back into my life. Not only can Reiki heal an aching heart but it uplifts your spirit and makes you feel wholehearted once more. The first time I saw Alexis for Reiki, I felt a sense of ease immediately and she hadn’t even started my Reiki treatment. I could just sense she cared about how I was feeling down and she was willing to help me start off my healing process.

Sometimes we all lose a little part of our life force energy in our day. Alexis is here to bring that back to us and return our energy that’s so vital in our daily lives. We need that to be who we truly are, to show up for the people we love and ourselves. And let’s face it we can’t always do that on our own. I’d lost touch with this part of myself for along time, and only after one session with Alexis I felt like it’s back and ready to stay.

During my session I cried and let go of a lingering pain that seemed to just vanish out the door. It almost felt like my true life force was being restored to me and anything that didn’t serve me simply went on. Not to say it stays away and that’s what future sessions are for. But it certainly reminds us that we can get through rough times with a little help by someone who cares to care. I am so happy Alexis is in my life. Please please give yourself the gift of Reiki, it could be a part of what you’ve been looking for.
- With a grateful heart, Amber
I had the good fortune and pleasure of a weekly phone call with Alexis as my life coach for 6 months. We just recently finished and I'm quite certain I'll be signing up for more. I met Alexis at what I feel, was the perfect time (thank you universe) as I was starting the process of an unexpected divorce and my life was completely turned upside down. I was already seeing a therapist but after just a few sessions with Alexis I quickly realized I was getting WAY more out of our conversations vs the therapist.

She reminded of the all tools I already had in my toolbox and taught me some new ones that have been so helpful to put my life back together and learn to love and honor myself, which is much harder than it sounds. She's so great at helping me "reframe" my thoughts which create the feelings and the feelings are what drive us. She reminds me, still, with thoughtful texts and affirmations that they really are just thoughts and we have the power to change them at any given moment, which then can totally change the direction of your whole day! My time with her was life saving and every week I was always so excited to talk to her as I knew I'd always feel better afterwards. I wish everyone I care about had to opportunity to spend time with her as I have...priceless!! Thank you, Alexis.
- Krystal Robinson
Alexis has been such a positive influence in my life. Before I began working with Alexis, I felt my life was unorganized and almost out of control. She helped me look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas that I really wanted to improve such as to cut down on drinking or to quite entirely. Alexis gave me the tools I needed to move myself forward toward a lifestyle I am proud of. I found that I looked forward to our sessions, were a pleasurable experience, and she was always supportive and upbeat. Alexis provided me the tools I needed to help me identify the areas of change that I needed along with a lot of positive reinforcement. Alexis has enabled me to make the changes in my life that I so desperately needed. I am now alcohol free thanks to the knowledge she has given me through tools and techniques that were tailored specifically to me. I am so grateful for her wisdom and expertise that helped in my life transformation.”
- Sandra Colwell
I met Alexis at the Go Red luncheon last year. We immediately connected. She is warm, genuine and professional. I hired her to do group Coaching for my team. In the 6 weeks we worked with her, each individual opened up. Our team learned so much about each other. We developed team values and each individual learned about their own values. As I watched my team open up, I saw that they were able to learn more about me and the goals I have set as a business owner. I learned that we all can be our unique selves as a team under the same roof and that we all have got each other.

We learned techniques that we can take with us for a lifetime. We now have tools to become the best versions of ourselves, set goals and be successful! I have already planned for our next goal check-up. Thank you Alexis, you are a true professional!
- Kym Hanson, SBK Beauty
I must say..these past 12 weeks have been quite the monumental challenge. I have learned more about myself, my goals, and the people around me in my life more in those weeks than I have in years.

Tonight, I celebrate my last session with my health coach, Alexis Nelson, who really has been my mentor for the past 90 days. She helped me open doors to self-discovery, realize who/what my energy vampires are, and shared lessons of choosing confidence to help elevate me to a higher level in all facets of my life. And to think I only wanted to just lose weight.

This is my journey and this is my story. I am my own storyteller and life is my center stage. I am not afraid to share my experiences to anyone that wants to listen.

90 days ago I never thought I'd start a blog and I have. So here's from 'trying to lose weight' to 'time to check stuff off my bucket list'.
- Ann-Marie Tamrowski
I started reading self help books about a year ago to help me out of a hole. I had hip replacement surgery and then an immediate revision which sent me into a downward spiral of depression and inactivity. I wanted desperately to start exercising, take off the 10 lbs I gained after surgery, get healthy and comfortable in own skin. For various reason, I kept failing over and over until I eventually gave up thinking I wouldn't ever achieve my goals. Then, I started coaching with Alexis. She helped me figure out why I was failing, what was holding me back, and what happened to my motivation. We did some difficult work and answered hard questions. This type of honest inquiry into my actions and behaviors brought to light not only the problems, but also how to fix them. We lasered in on thoughts and feelings that were causing me to remain stuck and gently drew them out into the open. Who knew I was terrified of injuring myself again? Who would have thought that my lack of discipline came from unhealthy entitlement issues. I didn't then, but I do now and knowing is half the battle. I am now going to the gym 3-4 times per week and have lost weight. I can honestly say that this would not have happened if it wasn't for Alexis and her tireless faith in me and my ability to follow through. I'm now taking MASSIVE action to succeed. I couldn't have done it with out her. ​
- Laura Saslaw

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