August 23

Choosing the Road Less Traveled


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The universe rewards those who have the courage to take risks and follow their own path, also known as the road less traveled. The road less traveled is the path we choose to take when we are making a change or navigating something new or challenging, our journey.

It’s having faith in the unknown and trusting that everything will unfold as it is supposed to.

It’s choosing on purpose to do things differently on the road less traveled.

To risk familiarity for opportunity and growth. To release the attachment to certainty and having to know every step along the way. Growth happens when faced with big or small challenges. It’s overcoming hardship, adversity, and usually never feels good in the moment. Think about the last challenge you overcame. What emotions did you experience when you rose?

The key to growth is discomfort. It’s walking the path of the unknown.

Learning how to just be with the discomfort will help you reach your destination from a place of curiosity, love, and acceptance. Being clear on what it is you want to do or maybe it’s embodying a FEELING; it doesn’t matter if it is about doing or being.

Tapping into discomfort will build trust within yourself igniting the belief that you can hold space to do hard things AND experience the magic of feeling proud and accomplished. Yes – it’s all the feels wrapped in a nice big emotional package with a big bow on top.

Most people choose what is easy and convenient. It’s habitual and simply part of our biology. We want to be comfortable, seek pleasure, and avoid pain and conflict. So why would we choose the dark path, the path of the unknown, the one that isn’t lit up for us?

The direct path is common and known. We want every step plotted out for us. Or we choose to follow someone else’s path based on their success and what worked for them. While I am not suggesting paving your own way in every instance, I want to encourage you to do what YOU want, what is calling to you, and what works for you. We put so much faith in others; what works for them may or may not work for you.

The first step on the road less traveled is to be clear on what you are seeking.

Clarity equals power and when you are clear on what you want, you can say no to anything that isn’t aligned with this. We get caught up in the busyness and all the things competing for our attention. When you are clear, you can say no. This creates space for more of what you want and the ability to focus and listen to your intuition instead of walking on someone else’s path.

When we are clear on what we want and let go of how we think it’s supposed to happen (going from point a to be without any hiccups, breakdowns, or issues), we create expectations and attachments. The bigger the expectation, the more disappointment you will experience if the expectation hasn’t been met. I wrote about this here – check it out!

Expectations lead to disappointment

When we have clarity, we focus on what is happening in the now – what is in front of us and then the next step. The problem is we want to know the complete blueprint – the step-by-step process that we are going to take ahead of time to assure that we are making the right decisions.

We want the path to be lit the entire way so we are comfortable knowing what lies ahead.

What if instead of waiting for this path to be the ‘right one’ and the right opportunity and timing, we decide ahead of time that whatever happens is meant to happen. Making decisions based on what you know now having faith and confidence in yourself and trusting the journey as it unfolds. As creatures of comfort and habit, we want a straight line – from point a to b. The popular path. We want to get it over with so we can reach our destination as quick as possible so we will have that feeling.

What if that feeling/result you are seeking is part of the journey instead of the destination?

The magic, the growth, the opportunity, and the lessons are part of the road less traveled. Trusting that you are always guided (if you choose to listen), no matter how curvy, dark, or hard it appears.

Miracles occur every day. When we are open to what is ahead of us without having to know, we will experience the beauty, the flow, and the miracles of life in front of our eyes. We must trust that we are being divinely guided and also – trust ourselves that we can handle anything that comes in our way. This requires loosening the grip and releasing control of what is outside of us. We can only control how we show up,

Every challenge has a positive intention behind it, whether we can see it now or learn the lesson for the future.

The road well-lit is straight forward and less could go wrong, however sometimes the breakdowns and detours are some of the biggest blessings. Next time you are faced with a challenge, get clear on what you want and take the leap of faith on the road less traveled. With every step, it will become illuminated with direction, purpose, and intention. Trust yourself and trust the path you choose.

You are the light at the end of the path.

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