Elevate Your Energy:
Reiki + Intuitive Coaching

Elevated Energy Experience

Latitude Wellness is please to offer an expansive mind, body, and soulful experience that incorporates thinking on purpose and clearing & balancing your energy.  

Reiki + Intuitive Coaching

When you decide to create change in yourself and your life, you open the pathway for healing and infinite possibilities.  The journey of reflection and expansion within, will raise your vibration and help you become the next version of yourself.  It’s about moving the needle forward in a sustainable way that will help you start living in alignment with who you are and who you want to become.  This gives you freedom in your mind, your life, and helps you balance your precious energy.

Elevated Energy is a conjunction of two powerful healing modalities: Reiki/energy work and intuitive mindset coaching.  We take our two signature services and offer our clients a powerful experience of elevating your energetic vibration and creating results with your mind.  By doing this, you will release the blocks and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and from moving the needle forward with connection to your purpose and the desire to improve your life.

By breaking through the stuck, you will address and tackle limiting beliefs, behavior out of alignment with your truest self, and will be able to step into the discomfort necessary for growth and expansion.

You will learn how start managing your mind and feeling discomfort without making it mean there is something wrong.  When you can feel all the feels, you become unstoppable and a magnet for abundance, growth, and joy.

This program is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their highest self by tuning inward and balancing and expanding their mind, body, and soul.

The Elevated Energy Experience is six months in length and includes:

  • Sixteen 60-minute Intuitive Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Six Energy Healing Sessions (Reiki + Energy Work)
  • Weekly Action Guides
  • Accountability, Support, and space to explore new perspectives of self
  • Support in between sessions

Free your mind and liberate yourself so you can show up in your life with power, clarity and purpose.

Balance Your Energy

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Like many forms of holistic healing, Reiki is a beautiful way to address the whole self. Reiki does not replace any traditional modalities of healing, so it’s recommended that clients continue their regular medical treatments by a licensed health care professional.

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