Elevate Your Energy:
Reiki + Thought Work

Elevated Energy Experience

Latitude Wellness is pleased to offer the Elevated Energy Experience that incorporates thinking with purpose and balancing your energy through the powerful combination of life coaching and energy work.

Reiki + Mindset Coaching

Who is this for? Anyone feeling stuck in a rut, out of ‘balance’ and in need of support and clarity on how to think with purpose. Learn how to invite mindfulness into your daily life allowing each day to flow with peace and more ease.

What to expect? During this powerful 80-minute virtual session, Alexis will begin with traditional (distance) Usui, Kundalini reiki, and guided messages from spirit to cleanse, balance, and restore your chakras.  Followed with a 40-minute mindset coaching session to address pesky negative thinking that tends to take up a lot of bandwidth within your mind, your energy, and your day. 

Free your mind and liberate yourself so you can show up in your life with power and purpose.

Balance Your Energy

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Like many forms of holistic healing, Reiki is a beautiful way to address the whole self. Reiki does not replace any traditional modalities of healing, so it’s recommended that clients continue their regular medical treatments by a licensed health care professional.

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